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Drinking Beer and Moving Freight…That’s What FreightPros Does

drinking beer moving freight

We love our beers in Austin. As SXSW comes rolling into town you’ll find lots of Bud Light (they’re one of the main sponsors), and if you want to drink that, fair enough. I’m not going to judge you. But over the past couple years, Austin has become a miniature mecca when it comes to […]

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Overlength, Over Dimensional Charges, and Volume Quotes: Keeping Things Straight

overlength charges volume quotes

There’s a saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and a lot of people stand by the belief that bigger is always better. In the freight industry, however, this isn’t necessarily the case. LTL pricing is partially based on contracts that allow for a certain amount of space used in the carrier’s trucks. If you have multiple […]

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Stubb’s BBQ Lunch

Today is a pretty cool day within the FreightPros offices.  We are starting off with an amazing lunch from Stubb’s location at the new Mean Eyed Cat.  Our friends over at Stubb’s BBQ provided some amazing sauces  (I’m partial to the Sweet Heat) to go along with the delicious meats and sides.  Check out the pics […]

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LTL Freight Claims

Quick and easy steps to make your LTL freight claim go smoothly.

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Empower Your Team Through Compelling Service Offerings


Make your service offering something that your employees can really be proud of.  Wow, re-reading this first sentence, I realize there isn’t anything really revolutionary there.  However, I think it is really important for management to really dig down to the core of a company’s service offering and figure out if their offering is something […]

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How to Quickly Cover a Truckload Shipment

Video that shows the FreightPros Truckload team in action, quickly covering a truckload freight shipment in under two minutes at a great rate.

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Freight Shipping: Not a Commodity (Part 2)


In the first portion of this two-part blog post regarding my arguments on how freight shipping is not a commodity, I focused on the service side of things and the people and team dedicated to providing additional value on a company’s freight moves.  In this section portion, I wanted to address the latter half of […]

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Freight Shipping: Not a Commodity (Part 1)


  Over the past year I’ve met with multiple Presidents of other freight brokerages and have had heard the same theme ringing through regarding freight services as a whole.  That the services we provide for people’s freight are essentially a commodity.  One President told me something along the lines of, “We’ve accepted that LTL freight […]

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