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UPS Freight: Get Better UPS LTL Rates

The UPS Freight division of UPS is one of the largest groups within the massive UPS empire. UPS? You’ve probably heard of them. They’ve become the defacto choice for small package ground shipping throughout the United States. But what most people don’t know about UPS freight is that they offer excellent LTL rates as well. […]

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Reefer Freight | Truckload & LTL Refrigerated Shipping Quotes

Reefer Freight is the codeword for “Refrigerated Freight,” and the systems and practices in place for reefer freight, versus a regular LTL or Truckload shipment, or even something like an overnight shipping quote, are very different. So if you’re looking to set up a one time only refrigerated shipment, or if you’re preparing to get […]

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Intermodal Shipping: A Different Way to Move Freight

  Contrary to popular belief, intermodal shipping is not rail shipping. The process of getting freight quotes, moving freight, transit times, etc., is completely different from rail. Rail/tracks access is a must for shipping via rail. Obviously, not many shippers have this access. We use intermodal shipping to get around this. Intermodal Shipping is a […]

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Vetting Freight Carriers & Why It’s Important

vetting freight carriers

Who’s vetting your carriers? Well, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) Does this sound familiar? Yes, it’s one of greatest songs from one of the greatest Rock & Roll bands of all time, The Who. But it’s also one of […]

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GPS Truck Tracking Benefits Customers, Carriers, and Brokers

“Where is my truck???” As a member of the FreightPros Truckload Team, this seemingly simple question can cause the biggest issues. Between cell phone dead zones, sleeping drivers, language barriers, and busy dispatchers, getting a location on a truck can be a headache. However, knowing the current location of our trucks is paramount in making sure our […]

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“Partialling” Full Truckload Shipments

partialling full truckload

Many of the full truckload shipments that make it over to my team are from customers that normally ship LTL, but for whatever reason they have a sporadic shipment that cannot move via LTL. What if your shipment exceeds the size allotment to ship LTL, or even a volume quote? What if you have a […]

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Truckload Fuel Prices & Other Factors in Shipping Rates

truckload shipping

In recent months, fuel prices have plummeted. One of the most common questions we get here on the Truckload team is, “Why haven’t my full truckload prices showed a significant decrease if fuel prices are they lowest the’ve been in almost ten years?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Though truckload rates are influenced by fuel […]

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Know Your Open Deck Trailers: Use the Right Tool for the Job

There I was, staring blankly at my dad to the age old question of, “Son, what the hell are you doing?” Using the side of a crescent wrench as a hammer seemed like a good idea to me. My old man didn’t quite agree. He thought I should use a hammer. Who knew? This story […]

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7 Things You Need For A Truckload Rate

truckload rates

If you’re looking around for a truckload rate, there are some things you need to have ready before getting an accurate quote. Truckload rates are totally different from LTL rates. Freight class, for one, is not considered in truckload shipping, but it plays a huge role in the pricing of a standard LTL quote. Download […]

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Lost Genre: Trucker Country

Howdy, my name is Andy Bond, and I’m on the truckload team here at FreightPros. I love “Trucker Country,” and think you should too. In my mind, it’s only fitting that one of the most important but often overlooked industries has its own music genre. Maybe it’s due to all the time drivers spend “Looking […]

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The Great American Truck Show

great american truck show

My name is Wes Koch, and I work over on the truckload team at FreightPros. I’m not a writer, but that didn’t stop me from profiling my recent visit outside the FreightPros office, to a magical little place called Dallas. Big hair. Big money. Big trucks. Hot shipping zones.  Every August, the trucking world migrates […]

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Truckload Shipping Seasons – Breaking Down The Year In Truckload Shipping

shipping seasons

Breaking Down Driver’s Hours of Service As a transportation broker, I can easily break down the months of the year into Truckload Shipping Seasons. When I first started in this industry, I had to jump in and learn on the fly, so I quickly identified what months were the busiest times of the year. I remember […]

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