Concealed Damage in Freight & What You Need to Know

concealed damage

Concealed Damage is one of the worst parts of freight shipping. No doubt about it. You take the time to package the freight correctly, you inspect the freight at delivery, you sign the POD “clean,” and then you finally unpack your shipment and…damage. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! But fear not. All is not lost. There is a process that deals …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Claims

frequently asked questions claims

Being a claims specialist with FreightPros can be a difficult job. No one wants to get that call or email that your freight has been damaged, refused by the consignee, or outright lost by the carrier. Unfortunately, as a freight broker we don’t have any control over how the carrier handles your freight. However, we can supply …

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First Freight Shipments: A FreightPros LTL Checklist

first freight shipment checklist

  First freight shipments can be scary. LTL is not for the faint of heart, and it starts right from the beginning. Is my freight packaged correctly? Do I have the right insurance? Am I using the right carrier? The right bill of lading? When will the driver make the pickup? The delivery? These are …

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5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making With Your LTL Shipping

5 mistakes shipping freight

  Shipping freight shares some interesting qualities with life, mainly, they can both (at times) be a pain. They can also be glorious. There is little more satisfying than the hand-raised victory dance that accompanies a particularly difficult delivery. I’m not kidding. I’ve seen dancing in this office because freight picked up or delivered. But …

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Freight Insurance for LTL & Truckload Shipping

understanding freight insurance

Freight Insurance Freight insurance can save you time and money on your damaged or lost freight. Sounds good, right? Surprisingly enough, we’ve learned at FreightPros that some of our customers aren’t aware of the option for this third party insurance. Hmmm… How to remedy this situation? Suppose we could write a blog about it… To …

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