Schneider National Freight Shipping Rates

Schneider National is a freight carrier that specializes in full truckload shipping, but also offers intermodal rail rates, as well as regional carriers and owner operators. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Schneider National has been a leader in the truckload shipping logistics industry for over 80 years. They even operate in China!

Schneider National is one of the most reliable freight companies in the business. Schneider National freight shipping rates are some of the fairest in the industry, and can help shippers across North America have piece of mind that their freight is being transported safely.

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Schneider National truckload quotes are some of the best in the business as well. As a quality freight carrier, Schneider National operates on a very large scale. They haul over 16,000 loads PER DAY.  That’s an incredible amount of freight movement. To move all that freight, Schneider employs over 11,000 company drivers, and 2500 owner-operators.

Shipping quotes with Schneider are always in-line with industry standards. That also is the case for rail rates with Schneider, as well as any of their global carriers that move loads around the world. They have relationships with freight brokers the world over, and operate over 160 facilities in multiple countries.

When it comes to freight quotes and equipment, it’s hard to beat Schneider National trucking. They have over 9000 trucks and 32,000 trailers.

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