Averitt Express Freight Shipping Rates

Averitt Express is a freight carrier that specializes in moving LTL and truckload freight across the southeastern part of the U.S. If you’re looking to move LTL freight between Florida and Texas, then Averitt Express freight shipping rates are something that you should look into. And of course, those two states are not the only two where you can get a competitive Averitt Express freight quote. Their coverage map extends as far west as Texas and Oklahoma. Do you need to ship a motorcycle from Oklahoma City to San Antonio? Averitt Express shipping rates can help.

Averitt Express also services states as far north as Virginia and Kentucky. Averitt Express LTL quotes can help you with your Louisville and Norfolk freight, shipping it south down the eastern coastline of the United States. Averitt Express also offers full truckload rates. What’s the difference between LTL and Truckload? Well, it’s certainly not post office shipping.

5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making With Your LTL Shipping

LTL stands for Less-Than-Truckload. Truckload shipping and LTL shipping work on two different planes, so they are hard to compare. If you’re looking to move a large amount of freight, you can always look at a volume quote. And what do you know? Averitt Express volume quotes are offered with the necessary information! If even a volume quote won’t do, then it’s time to look into truckload shipping. You can use a third party freight broker to get your truckload shipping quote, or you could go directly to the freight carriers. Beware though, many times a third party freight broker can get you lower shipping quotes because of their tariffs and contracts with the freight carriers, such as Averitt Express. We can also help you with changes for produce season 2015 to look out for.

Bottom line, Averitt Express freight shipping rates are some of the best in the business if you’re shipping in the southeastern part of the United States. There are other regional carriers in that area as well, such as AAA Cooper, and Averitt can stand up to them when it comes to customer service, Averitt freight quotes, and truckload linehaul quotes.

If you’re shipping freight in the southeast, check out Averitt and get a cheap freightquote.