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Meridian Logistics Re-Branding as FreightPros

Hey blog readers, I thought I’d post the letter we sent out to our current customers today regarding the re-brand from Meridian to FreightPros. Its official and we are EXCITED! Look for so much more to come from the team in the coming months and years!

Dear Current Customer,

I’m excited to announce that as of today, Meridian Logistics is formally transitioning our brand and company name to FreightPros. A lot of thought and effort has gone into this decision, and our team strongly feels that the FreightPros brand best represents our company now and the vision for the future as we continue to grow and move forward.

Why are We Becoming FreightPros?

As a team that works extremely hard for our freight customers, our freight carriers, and is constantly striving to improve on both the customer experience and our own internal processes, we’ve come to really think of ourselves as true freight professionals.

We service freight, sell freight, educate people on freight, and the FreightPros name just really encompasses who we are, and addresses what all of us here do in some aspect on a daily basis.

We also really want to drive home the fact to each of our customers that we as a team are committed to ensuring that we approach the business of freight in the right way, a professional way. Understanding the specific needs of each customer, and committing to building an internal culture of smart, hard working problem solvers that care about and support each other as well as the customers they build meaningful relationships with.

Very little is changing on the backend of our business due to this shift. The people and teams that have supported you and your freight as Meridian Logistics are all still intact. However, the front end experience is definitely going to continue to improve and evolve over time and at a much more accelerated rate with our new website at FreightPros.com.

We’ve built a new site that really showcases our employees and gives a bit more insight into the daily work we do. Additionally, we’ve noticed there’s a huge lack of freight information out there geared toward freight shippers, so we decided to go ahead and start creating really informative content via our blog, online demos, and short videos designed to help our customers make the smartest shipping decisions possible for their business.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

You can start logging into your current TMS account at FreightPros.com today. In a few weeks, we will start redirecting traffic from meridianlogistics.com to FreightPros.com. The backend TMS software is not changing at this time, so all of your current and historical freight history remains safely in place.

You’ll notice that the staff you work with here is going to now be using an @freightpros.com email. All of the old email addresses will forward to these updated addresses. In terms of billing, we are not changing our legal structure from Meridian Logistics, LLC, but we will be operating as DBA FreightPros.

The billing info will start arriving to you with a FreightPros remit to address in the coming weeks, although we can still apply payments written out to Meridian Logistics.

As part of our re-brand, a lot of our social accounts are moving as well.  In terms of the most important ones:

Naturally, with a shift of this size, I understand there may be some questions. We are more than happy to address any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

In closing, I’d just like to say thank you. Thank you so much for helping turn our freight brokerage into something remarkable. We are excited for our company’s re-branding, and thankful that you as a customer have been critical in our evolution and growth toward where our company stands today. We look forward to continuing our relationship and growing along with you and your business in the years to come.

Chris Clever President, FreightPros


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