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Is Covid-19 Impacting Your LTL Freight?

In wake of recent events, many carriers are facing extraordinary strains on their normal transportation lanes.  This leaves some businesses stranded when it comes to moving their freight.  Luckily, FreightPros has contracts and relationships with the major national LTL carriers and thousands of Full Truckload carriers across the country who are ready to help you out.  If you have had a missed pickup or a delivery stranded at a terminal, please reach out and let us find you another option! 

Here are a few things we're noticing in the LTL freight industry:

  • If a consignee is closed or unavailable to receive a delivery, some carriers have enacted policies that allow them to return freight to the shipper immediately, without asking for authorization, in order to free up space in their terminals.  Normal return fees apply.
  • Guaranteed services may be impacted; Some carriers have stopped reimbursing GSS fees if there is a service failure, and others have stopped offering guarantees at all.
  • In an attempt to avoid spreading germs on electronic signature devices, some shipments may be delivered without a physical signature.  This makes noting possible damage more challenging, as nothing is signed on the POD.

To help get your freight moved in this trying time, and to reduce additional fees, FreightPros recommends the following:

  • Confirm shipper and receiver availability and hours
  • List shipper and receiver contact names and phone numbers on your BOL
  • If possible, have a 2nd delivery location in mind in case the original is closed, and list this information in the special instructions on the BOL
  • Report any suspected damage or loss to FreightPros immediately so we can help you file a claim quickly (especially in cases of "concealed damage" without notation of damage on the POD)

We look forward to continuing to serve you.  Please do not hesitate to contact a FreightPros team member if you have any questions.

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