How to Dispute a Reweigh

What’s in this Freight Paper?

  1. Reweigh definition and analysis.
  2. Simple steps to dispute a reweigh.
  3. Documents needed for carrier invoice dispute.

Reweighs are a very common invoice issue in the freight industry. This can be attributed to the fact that most shippers do not have certified scales large enough to accommodate the majority of LTL freight. Without scales, weights listed on freight bill of ladings (BOLs) are often approximations instead of verifiable, exact weights. As a shipment’s total weight is a major factor in the total price of shipping the freight, the carriers understandably want to confirm the weight on the BOL matches the weight of the actual item. A reweigh occurs when the carrier, using their own scales, finds a discrepancy between the listed weight and the actual weight of the freight shipment. These reweighs often result in additional fees for the shipment.

What Does It Mean To Dispute A Reweigh

If you are billed for a reweigh but believe that the carrier weight is incorrect or invalid, you can dispute the reweigh charge. This is a common process, but one that needs to be done correctly for you to have the best chance to successfully dispute the reweigh. All FreightPros carriers use certified scales during their inspections and provide Weight & Inspection Certificates (W&I’s) showing the listed weight and the inspected weight. If you believe the carrier inspection to be incorrect, you or your freight broker can dispute the reweigh charge. You can follow a few simple steps to make sure you are correctly disputing the reweigh.

What Documents Do I Need To Provide?

All carriers require that two documents be submitted before they will open the dispute claim case. Please note that these must be official documents and cannot be handwritten.
  1. Spec Sheet – This is an official document from the manufacturer that includes basic information about the freight, including: Weight, Dimensions, and Product Description.
  2. Packing Slip – This document comes from the shipper and is included with the freight during transit. It lists each item in the shipment along with piece count and weights. Note that weight on the packing slip and BOL are TOTAL WEIGHT (pallet included).

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Dispute claims filed within three days of being invoiced have a MUCH better chance of being successful; so do not wait to file your dispute. Disputes can take between two weeks and two months to complete depending on the carrier, so please be patient. If you’re using a freight broker they will be able to file the claim with the carrier on your behalf. Once filing is complete they’ll confirm there is a carrier claim number. This ensures the process has begun and the claim is in the system. If the reweigh dispute is approved, you’ll receive a new freight invoice from the carrier with the updated rate and the old invoice will be void. For more information about shipping with FreightPros please contact us at 888-297-6968.

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How To Dispute A Reweigh
How To Dispute A Reweigh
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