Truckload Quote Checklist

Matt describes the critical items of information you will need to obtain a truckload freight quote

Hi, my name is Matt Harrington, and I’m the truckload manager here at FreightPros.

And just want to give you a few tips today on when it comes to getting a truckload quote.

We need four pieces of information. That first piece of information is the actual equipment type that you’re looking for.

This can range from [? dry ?] vans, to flatbeds, to [INAUDIBLE] units.

And there’s a few things in between there. But more or less, those are the major modes that we work with.

The second thing we’ll need to know is the actual lane itself. And that’s where it’s picking up from and where it’s delivering to.

You might have multiple pick-up locations and delivery locations, so we’ll need to know that as well. The third thing we’ll need to know is when it has to pick up and when it needs to deliver.

It’s important for us to know this because the market is going to change, almost on a daily basis.

And if we know ahead of time when that has to pick up and when it has to deliver by, it’s going to allow us to bring a much more accurate and even– potentially, a more competitive quote to the table.

The last thing is just knowing a little bit about the commodity itself. It’s important for us to know that because we need to tell the carriers and our partner carriers what’s actually going on the truck.

It might also determine what type of equipment is going to be available for that load itself. So it could be potentially cheaper, or it might be we might have to explore a different route.

Again, my name is Matt Harrington. And I’m the truckload manager here at FreightPros. And hopefully these four tips are able to assist you in getting an accurate freight quote.

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