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Missed Freight Pickups

That time my freight pickup was missed. Remember that moment when you needed to get to the store before it closed, but just couldn’t make it in time? It’s not fun for anyone but sometimes things happen in life that are just out of our control. Unfortunately, it’s not much different in the world of […]

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Freight Packaging for LTL, Truckload, and Parcel Shipping

Freight packaging is one of the most important parts of your freight shipping experience. Bad packaging can introduce you to damaged freight, expensive and time-consuming claim processes, and additional reclass fees. Conversely, using correct freight packaging practices can protect you from these things. If you’re going to get the most out of your LTL, truckload, […]

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Auxiliary Power Units (APU) Weight Exemption Guide

Today, we’re publishing a guest post from our friends over at Track Your Truck. If you’re shipping freight state-to-state, it’s important to recognize weight limits, especially with the weight additions of APUs. Take a look at their convenient guide below for more info… Auxiliary power units (regularly referred to as APUs) remove the need to […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Freight Charges

When it comes to your freight charges, there is a lot to know. In an industry like the freight industry, even a good broker is going to run into issues concerning freight charges. When there’s (at minimum) three parties coordinating on picking up and delivering freight across hundreds (or thousands) of miles, there’s bound to […]

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20 Companies That Are Changing The Future of Shipping

Not so long ago, “the future,” was flying cars and hoverboards (no…like…real hoverboards). Before Marty McFly and Doc, “the future,” was putting a man on the moon. Before that, the steam engine. Etc. Etc. Etc. The future is always changing, and always transforming – in ways both big and small – how we exist. You […]

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25 Genius Tips for Saving Money on Shipping Costs

save $$$ on freight costs

Everyone wants to save money on shipping. No great secret there. At FreightPros, we’re committed to helping our customers, and their customers (and really anyone that’s interested in shipping) save time and money on their logistics. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 25 Genius Tips for Saving Money on Your Shipping. We’ve categorized […]

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Shipping Money & Why Freight Isn’t Right For Your Cash

shipping money

We ship a lot of items at FreightPros. We ship engines, household goods…all sorts of stuff. And though we try to make ourselves available to our customers, to assist them in their daily shipping needs in any way that we can, there are definitely things that we DO NOT SHIP. One of these things is […]

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What It Means To Deliver A Quality Freight Experience

deliver quality freight

What does it mean to deliver a quality freight experience? It’s a question we get a lot, and a valid one at that. As a (relatively) new team member, I often think back to my first days on the job, when I asked that very same question. What exactly does it mean to deliver a […]

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How Low Oil Prices Affect Freight Trucking, Intermodal & Air

oil prices affect freight

The price of oil has dropped precipitously over the past two years. I’m sure you’ve heard. If nothing else, you’ve passed a gas station recently and probably did a double-take at those three numbers staring back at you. The reasons behind this drop are expectedly complicated (here’s a pretty good overview of what’s happening), but […]

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Traffic, Hands-Free Driving, and the Reality of Delays

Traffic & Hands-Free Laws Can Delay Your Shipment

Things just went from bad to worse for Austin drivers. Monday was the first day of a lane closing on MoPac and to the surprise of no one, it was an unmitigated disaster. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) blames a wreck on I-35 and driver’s unfamiliarity with alternate routes, etc., and that in […]

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Breaking Down Driver’s Hours of Service for Long Haul Commercial Freight

breaking down driver's service hours

The transportation industry is mainly driven by deadlines or delivery due dates, and in most cases the age-old adage still applies; Time is Money! Here at FreightPros we aim to set the proper expectations for both customers and drivers when it comes to delivering a shipment safely and in a successful time frame. One of the most important […]

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4 Things to Know About Detention Fees in Freight Shipping & Logistics

Detention fees are a pain. There’s no way around it. But if you’re a regular freight shipper, you’re going to have to deal with detention fees. The best way to handle these fees is to learn about them up front. With some basic information, you can plan your freight shipments around detention fees, and help […]

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