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Delivery Drones & Driverless Trucks: The Future of Shipping Logistics

Shipping logistics seem like they’re on the verge of a revolution. Drone delivery and self-driving trucks are the wave of the future, even if it’s not always clear how the industry will get there. It takes a lot of insight, planning and good old-fashioned hard work to deploy a drone delivery system, and the world […]

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Online Shopping vs In Store Shopping: Who Prefers Which and Why

When it comes to online shopping vs. in store shopping, brick and mortar retail is experiencing a wave of disruption. To many onlookers, the wave looks like it may send brick and mortar into a tailspin, maybe even a panic, maybe even an endgame. When it comes to online shopping vs. traditional shopping, the marketplace […]

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ELD Mandate for Carriers and its Effects

5 ways to know if you're a freight broker

This is the first section of a two-part blog post on the ELD mandate and its effects on the transportation industry. Recently the FMCSA rolled out the nationwide ELD mandate for commercial carriers and transporters. There are many questions and concerns on how this will affect the nation’s supply chains. Will it increase transit times?  […]

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January 2016 Shipping News Roundup

winter storm jonas

If you missed December’s Shipping News Roundup, check it out here… Winter Storm Jonas: The snowpacolypse to end all snowpacolypses came and went, and in the process dumped historical amounts of snow across the eastern parts of the United States. Between January 22-23, Jonas pretty much lived up to the insane expectations, and then some. […]

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Shipping News Roundup – December 2015

shipping news december 2015

With 2016 right around the corner, FreightPros wanted to start a new blog series that taps into the freight and shipping news that is happening not only in our corner of the world (Austin, TX), but also a national and even at times global “roundup” of recent news articles related to the freight/shipping industry. At […]

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