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Shipping up to Boston: Trains, Trucks, & Woody Guthrie

shipping up to boston

There’s a song called “Shipping up to Boston,”┬áby legendary Boston punks, The Dropkick Murphys. You probably remember it from The Departed. And while you might or might not be familiar with “Shipping up to Boston,” or the thrashing oh, oh, oh’s of the bridge, what you probably don’t know is that the song was originally […]

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LTL Shipping With Ferdinand Magellan


You’ve heard of Christopher Columbus. You’ve heard of Marco Polo. You’ve heard of Magellan. BUT….Did you know that Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer/captain/possible snack for Filipino tribal folks, was also an LTL shipper! Sort of. Kinda. Maybe if you REALLY stretch the definition of LTL. Listen, he might not have used Central Freight, but he […]

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