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Austin Angels Love Box 2017

We are right at the door of the Holiday Season, so as we give thanks with family and friends, let the Season of Giving spark a warm, fuzzy feeling. FreightPros has partnered with Austin Angels to make a foster family’s holidays memorable. Austin Angels’ mission is to walk alongside foster children and their caretakers by […]

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Ship Early to Avoid Thanksgiving Delays

ship early to avoid thanksgiving delays

Check out our video on Avoiding Holiday Shipping Delays! The days are shorter. The temperature has dropped. Black Friday commercials are inescapable. It’s that time of year again: Holiday Season. And like the airports and highways, the LTL and truckload freight industry will be backed up after Thanksgiving Thursday and during the week that follows. […]

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Stocking Stuffers for Freight Brokers

stocking stuffers for freight brokers

Welcome to the holidays. Hopefully you’ve finished your shopping and can relax in the abnormally high temperatures, instead of dodging the awful parking lot of your local shopping mall. But if you are one of the unlucky few who still needs check off a few items on that holiday wishlist, here are some stocking stuffer […]

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A Freight Broker’s Wishlist for the Holidays

freight broker wishlist

Check out our video on Avoiding Holiday Shipping Delays! The holidays are coming, and with them comes the headaches and smiles, bottles of wine, and drunk uncles that accompany our yearly traditions. The holidays are a time for giving and getting presents, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and wishlists. We in the freight industry are no […]

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Holiday Shipping Delays: Why Your Freight Shipment Slows Down

holiday shipping delays

Watch our video on Avoiding Holiday Shipping Delays! The fourth of July has come and gone, and hopefully you avoided any firework incidents. Yesterday, the Women’s World Cup captured the country’s attention, as well as some pretty great hardware. Today it’s back to work, back on the grind; same old tune. Even the best of […]

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Austin’s Trail of Lights 2014 is Here!

austin trail of lights

The trail of lights is here and you know what that means… increased traffic on Cesar Chavez! I’m kidding, of course. Who could be that cynical about Christmas? The songs! The weather! The presents! If you’re an Austin native then you know about the Trail of Lights (it’s famous round’ these parts), and if you’re […]

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Holiday Shipping 2014 Prices & Trends

holiday shipping 2014 prices and trends

The holidays are upon us and this means two things for my family: food and booze. However, before we collectively unbuckle our belts and argue politics with the aunt in town from northern California (or wherever), we have to ship our gifts to our cousins, have to move our freight from one retail hub to […]

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Winter Holiday Season Shipping

snow storm

Watch our video on Avoiding Holiday Shipping Delays! The holiday season comes each year and each year we are unprepared for its intensity. You could be trying to ship a mattress, or even ship an engine for all we know. Face it, the holidays are crazy. Call it a mix of too much family, alcohol, […]

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