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Shipping Alcohol: The Rise of Craft Breweries

Craft brewing has quickly grown from a cottage industry to a multimillion-dollar commerce segment that seems poised to bring down, or at least challenge, the giants in a well-established market. Brewers spring up all the time, and the Brewers Association notes that most Americans find themselves living within 10 miles of a craft brewer. That’s […]

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Shipping Edibles: A Checklist for LTL Freight

shipping edibles

When it comes to shipping edibles with less-than-truckload, there are a few things you need to know. Luckily, your friendly freight brokers over here at FreightPros have devised a nice checklist to go through the next time you need to ship some edibles. Follow these steps to avoid pesky additional charges, and more importantly, to […]

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Employee Benefits Extend Beyond Health Insurance and PTO Days

employee benefits

“Employee Benefits” are often thought of as health insurance, PTO (Paid Time Off), and Maternity/Paternity leave. These are good things, obviously, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But “Employee Benefits” can also extend beyond these advantages, into team-building, rewards for goals reached, and even something as simple as snacks in the fridge. This past weekend, we held […]

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The FreightPros Volunteer at Urban Roots Austin

At FreightPros, we think it’s important to be a part of our community. Though that means sitting in terrible Austin traffic once in a while, it also means embracing local philanthropy. Ever since our founding in 2009, we’ve been looking at more ways to get involved with volunteering around the community. We think it’s important […]

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Texas Produce Shipping 2015 : FreightPros Produce Season Series

texas produce shipping 2015

This is the first of our week-long blog series on Produce Season Shipping 2015! Part II covers changes for 2015 produce season shipping, while Part III deals with capacity and truckload pricing during produce season. And don’t forget to download some free Freight Papers, such as our LTL & Truckload Equipment Guide. Cotton is king: […]

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Little Deli Austin Review

It’s no secret that we’re about more than freight here at FreightPros. Life is short and the shipping industry is messy, so we try not to drive ourselves crazy disputing a reclass, or avoiding shipping mistakes, etc. It’s also no secret that Austin is a foodie paradise of sorts, so we’re taking it upon ourselves […]

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Tailgating the FreightPros Way

Football season is here and, being raised a die-hard Longhorn, I was extremely stoked when I discovered that my company was hosting its first annual FreightPros Longhorn Tailgate this season. Our sales manager Steve wakes up in the wee hours of the morning every home-game Saturday to set up our nice shaded and grass covered […]

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Noble Sandwich on Burnet: A Review

One of the most talked about aspects of Austin lifestyle is the food. Sure, people love food everywhere. No doubt about it. But whenever you talk about Austin, whenever you are telling your friends back home about where you live, as you’re humble-bragging about the things that make Austin tick, the conversation undoubtedly winds its […]

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Texas Wine & BBQ – A FreightPros Adventure

It’s no secret that people like to bitch about their jobs. Sure, sitting on the beach drinking frozen margaritas all day is fantastic, but I think the point of life is to get stuff done and be happy. Jobs are jobs and taxes are taxes, which is to say, there are some things that you […]

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FreightPros & Food: Adventures in Austin Food & Freight

Austin is known for many things including food, weather, music, and what people like to term “hippies.” Like any city worth it’s weight in gold, it’s not one of these things that make ATX unique, but instead a mixture of all of them. Then again, who am I kidding? It’s the food, right? The food […]

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