Southeastern Freight Shipping Rates

Southeastern Freight Lines AKA SEFL is a regional carrier that covers the southeastern part of the United States. Southeastern freight shipping rates are comparable to many other regional carriers across the country, and their service is excellent. In fact, I would say SEFL service is some of the tops in the country.

Southeastern freight services are dominant in their coverage area of the SEC. If you’re looking to ship LTL freight around Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas then Southeastern freight shipping rates are probably going to work for you.

And it’s not just the price of Southeastern freight shipping quotes that make them a great regional LTL and truckload carrier. They are very helpful when it comes to customer service, and their ability to hit transit deadlines is very impressive.

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Southeastern Freight Lines coverage map extends as far as West Texas and the Oklahoma panhandle to the west. To the south they cover all the way down into Florida. To the north, they ship LTL and truckload freight into Virginia. There are even Southeastern LTL quotes for Puerto Rico.

As evidenced by the name, there are no Southeastern freight rates for Hawaii or Alaska. Though their website might not have the technical upgrades that some other carriers do, Southeastern more than makes up for it with their customer service and transit times.

More than most regional carriers, Southeastern freight shipping rates are fair and comparable to other carriers, but their service is even better. If you’re shipping freight in that area of the country, Southeastern freight shipping rates might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Southeastern Freight Shipping Rates

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