Saia Freight Shipping Rates

If you're looking for a freight carrier that's a mix between regional specialization and national coverage, Saia is the freight carrier for you. Saia LTL freight quotes are low enough to be considered national, with an assortment of trucks and terminals situated across the country. Their coverage map is large and they rarely interline. Yet, their service is akin to many smaller, regional carriers.

Saia freight shipping rates are usually on par with most national carriers, thought maybe a bit higher than the Central Transport's and Roadrunner's of the freight game. There are Saia freight shipping quotes for both LTL and truckload, so they are able to ship most items and most quantities.

One of the best thing about using Saia freight rates is their embracing of technology when it comes to the freight shipping industry. Unfortunately, the shipping world has been a bit behind when it comes to updating technology and procedures. There are many reasons for this, but Saia has started a trend to improve technology and ultimately improve customer service and their business as a whole. The Saia website has done a great job of incorporating many of their customer service actions, including BOL and POD downloads, scheduling pickups, and filing claims, into their website in an easy to use manner. This alone makes Saia freight shipping rates and services worth taking a look at.

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As I mentioned before, Saia freight shipping rates cover a large portion of the United States. Really the only states not covered are some of the far north midwest, such as Montana and Idaho. There are also a handful of states in the far northeast, such as the New England states, that Saia does not directly cover. It's important to remember though that Saia freight shipping rates do you use interline carriers to complete some of their LTL shipments in areas that they do not service directly.  They also have partner carriers that service Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and even Puerto Rico.

Overall, Saia is one of our more popular carriers that we use on a daily basis, and Saia freight shipping rates are fair and competitive. For more information on LTL and truckload shipping, check out our logistics blog. Happy Shipping!

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