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LTL Freight Rates with UPS to Mexico

So you’re wanting to ship to Mexico? We’re happy to offer UPS to Mexico LTL freight rates here at FreightPros. Partnering with the big brown affords our customers a plethora of freight options when shipping to our southern neighbors, and along with our Canada shipping opportunities, expands our coverage map to international levels.

If/when you decide to move some freight using UPS to Mexico, there are some things to keep in mind. This blog can walk you through the steps of getting that Mexico LTL quote, and making sure your freight’s transit smooth and easy.

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Shipping UPS to Mexico

While we’re happy to offer shipping rates from the USA to Mexico, we cannot, at this time, offer intrastate quotes for Mexico. Each UPS shipment that we handle to Mexico will have at least one point in the United States. It can be either the pickup location or the delivery location, but one foot has to be in the USA. If you’re looking for Mexico quotes with both locations in Mexico, there are options, but you’ll have to reach out to another third party provider.

Documents You’ll Need

Anytime you’re shipping internationally, you’ll need additional documents and information. First, you’ll still need your basic information for any LTL shipment: pickup and delivery locations, freight class, total weight (packaging and pallets included), and commodity information (what it is you’re shipping). You’ll also need:

  • Bill of Lading – Your broker will supply you with a special BOL to be given to the carrier at the time of pickup. Make sure you use the correct BOL, the one provided to you by your broker, and not one you’ve created on your own, or one the shipper provided.
  • Commercial Invoice – Your broker will be able to provide the correct form but you’ll need to provide the invoice number and date, customer references, part numbers, product descriptions, and unit prices.
  • Packing List – Fill out the list your broker provides with information such as exporter references and dates, box and package counts, gross weight, net weight, cubic dimensions, and whether the shipment is deemed hazardous or not.
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin – This North American Free Trade Agreement will be used in the Customs process and must be filled out correctly to transport freight across borders. It includes tax and tariff agreements, as well as exporter and importer information.
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) – This will be required for shipment’s that have a declared value of $2500 or more.

Customs Broker

As with other international shipments, you’ll need the assistance of a Customs broker. While FreightPros does not offer this service, there are Customs broker services available directly through UPS, and they can assist you in the process of getting your freight shipment to clear Customs.

On the broker side, you’ll need to include the Customs broker name and contact information in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS portion of the bill of lading. Without this information, your freight could get delayed crossing the border.

If you’re interested in learning more about LTL or freight shipping in general, be sure to download our Beginner’s Guide to Freight Shipping, recently updated for 2016.


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