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Getting Ahead of LTL Freight Embargoes

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Missed pickups and delays happen in LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping and this can be quite stressful especially for time-sensitive shipments. We face a bigger problem with major delays when we experience freight embargo. Our team assess every situation and provide the best solution as well as how to get ahead of this scenario.

What is a freight embargo?

An embargo is any event that prevents the freight from being accepted or handled.

Why and when do carriers implement embargoes?

Most LTL carriers are operating at full capacity and LTL embargoes are one way that carriers can manage their overwhelming volumes. Carriers will analyze their markets to determine what freight fits best for their routes and maximize their capacity. When carriers place an embargo it means they will stop the movement of freight to or from a particular area. These can last days, weeks and even months.

How does this impact you?

This can present challenges for a shipper or receiver in one of the affected areas. If a commonly used carrier puts an embargo on a location that you ship or receive to, then you are forced to use a different and possibly more expensive carrier. On top of that, if a carrier puts an embargo on a certain area then all other carriers will take on more freight than usual. It’s almost inevitable that this will cause delays.

How can FreightPros help?

We understand embargoes can be very frustrating and disrupt your business in a negative way. We want to help the best we can. First, we can vet the current carriers that can haul your freight to and from areas affected by embargoes. We will advise the best carrier to use in the absence of your regular carrier. Also, because we have seen transit delays with embargoes, we suggest shipping a few days ahead of schedule to ensure your freight delivers on time. We can provide you transit estimates as well as costs per carrier. Call a FreightPros team member at (888) 297-6968 or contact us on our website www.freightpros.com. We will set you up for success!  

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