Overnight Shipping

At FreightPros, we are happy to offer the best in expedited overnight shipping service. As a full-service third party freight broker who offers both LTL and Truckload freight options, we understand the urgency behind time-critical shipments.  We use our vast network of carrier options for overnight shipments to ensure your freight gets where it needs to go, fast!

We've partnered with the country's leading overnight carriers to move freight shipments across the United States, and make it easy to get the right overnight rate. Get an overnight shipping quote by filling out our simple quote form. From there, it's easy to convert your quote into a shipment, and get your shipment on its way.

Accessible Tracking Tools

Once your shipment is in transit, we make it easy to track from pickup to delivery. Tracking eases peace of mind, especially with a time-sensitive overnight shipment. Every minute counts, and our team keeps you up-to-date with information about where your freight is located and when it will arrive.  If there are any delays in transit, we notify you immediately and work with the carrier to correct the issue quickly.

Committed Service

Our team of experienced brokers can assist you and your overnight shipment in any way necessary. From pre-pickup, to transit, and then post-delivery, our team is one phone call away. We understand that there can be a lot of maintenance on an overnight shipment, and we pride ourselves in offering one-on-one assistance to make sure your shipping experience is successful and stress-free.

We're excited to use the nation's leading carriers for our overnight shipping, and to pass savings and service to our customers.

See how much time and money you'll save by having our pros help manage your freight.