Roadrunner Freight Shipping Rates

We are very excited to offer freight quotes with Roadrunner Freight, a long haul metro-to-metro LTL provider. Roadrunner Freight is a customer-focused LTL service provider who offers consistent, reliable and on-time service throughout the United States and Canada. They operate an asset-right network, which means they consolidate shipments at origin and therefore do not have hubs or breakbulks. They partner with Independent Contractors to pickup and deliver shipments, which reduce their overhead costs and need for maintenance shops. Therefore, Roadrunner Freight can rapidly expand and create efficiencies that can be shared with customers. They have 19 brick and mortar service centers in all major-metros, and service the remainder of their delivery areas through strategic partnerships.

Roadrunner Freight offers online tools to complement their customer service. By using Roadrunner Freight every day for multiple shipments, we are able to get the best quotes for customers.

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