Central Freight Shipping Rates

Central Freight is a national carrier that services all fifty states in both the LTL and truckload game. They are one of the largest carriers with terminals and hubs spread evenly throughout the continental United States.

Central Freight shipping rates are competitive and affordable. Central Freight LTL quotes come with excellent service as well. It's nice to be able to find a large national carrier such as Central Freight that has good freight shipping rates from California to Florida and everywhere in between.

One of the best part of Central Freight LTL shipping rates are the coverage that they offer. Many large national carriers have large coverage maps but often interline their shipments. With Central Freight quotes, you'll find very little use of interline carriers. Get a freightquote today!

You're Probably Making These 5 Shipping Mistakes

Central Freight shipping rates are also good because they allow customers to ship a variety of items and have very little instances of items that they will refuse to ship. Their drivers have the necessary permits to transport hazardous freight. As with any carrier, it's always essential to make sure you inform your freight broker or the carrier before shipping anything hazardous. They can also show you how to ship furniture!

Great Central Freight LTL quotes also apply to their truckload game. They ship full truckload shipments nationally, and have a good track record when it comes to transit times and damage, not to mention their freight tracking. We can also help with changes for produce season, and what to look out for!

Overall, Central Freight shipping rates are a great deal. If you're looking for great LTL freight shipping rates from a freight carrier, look into Central Freight shipping rates. We can also help you out with your freight class issues.

For more information on LTL and truckload shipping, check out our logistics blog and download our white paper about the 10 shipping mistakes you might encounter and how to fix them.

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