Small Parcel & Package Shipping

What’s in this Freight Paper?

  1. Variety in your Parcel Shipping Quotes including Overnight, Two-Day, Residential, and Commercial.
  2. Affordable International Quotes to North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.
  3. E-Commerce Shopping Cart Integration Platforms.

FreightPros has partnered with two of the three leading parcel providers to offer deep discounts for domestic and international small parcel quotes. Our Pros bring the same world class service that we offer our LTL & Truckload customers to the Small Parcel game, making it easy and affordable to ship small package anywhere in the world. We offer commercial, residential, ground, air, overnight, 2-day, and international shipping for any shipment under 150lbs.

Take Control of Your Small Parcel Shipping

Our parcel shipping service makes it easy for you to take control of your shipments, on your timeline, at your convenience. Using our system you can get accurate shipping quotes, set up shipments, print shipping labels, track shipments that are already in transit, and order supplies such as packaging materials and boxes – all from your computer or mobile device. Once your shipment is ready to move, you can schedule a pickup at your home or office, or drop your parcel shipment off at one of hundreds of dropoff locations throughout the US.

Take Advantage of Deep Global Discounts

We offer international shipping discounts from North America to South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. By partnering with some of the leading parcel providers we’ve opened ourselves to a global market. And it’s not just international shipping where our discounts soar. We also offer exceptional expedited parcel shipping, including overnight shipments as well as 2-day shipping.

Get E-Commerce Shopping Cart Integration

Our system integrates with over twenty-three E-Commerce shopping cart platforms. We make your E-Commerce logistics stress-free so you can take advantage of our carrier discounts, and run your business the right way.

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