Sheridan Explains It All: Guaranteed Shipments

guaranteed shipments

In part two of our video series, Sheridan explains the process of “guaranteed shipments,” and how they can be useful for your LTL freight shipping.

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Sheridan Explains It All: The PRO Report

Account Manager Sheridan Phillips kicks off her new video series, Sheridan Explains It All, with a quick run through of the FreightPros PRO Report.

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LTL Freight Claims

Quick and easy steps to make your LTL freight claim go smoothly.

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Know Your Freight Broker

FreightPros team of freight brokers talk about their interactions with some of their favorite customers to work with.

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FAK-Freight All Kinds Explained

Chris explains the basic concept of what an FAK is and how it can effect a shipper’s freight pricing.

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Top Reasons to Use a Freight Broker

Want to know why your business should utilize a freight broker to move its goods? Stacey gives three quick advantages to using a broker instead of working with a carrier directly.

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