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FreightPros: A Reservoir of Soccer Knowledge and Support

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Growing up, soccer was the number one thing in my life. From playing, to watching, to coaching; I lived, breathed, and bled soccer. However, after accumulating several injuries, my playing days appear to be behind me, and now watching the beautiful game on a daily basis is how I get my fix. Luckily, I’ve found a […]

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Coaching Youth Soccer with Emilio

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Hi, my name is Emilio Dominguez and I work in the billing department at FreightPros. With all the craziness that surrounds the freight industry, I really enjoy my down time outside of the office. Although there are a lot of things I enjoy doing in my free time, my favorite hobby has to be soccer […]

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FreightPros Guide To Soccer 101 – Freight Goes Futbol


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is all wrapped up and zee Germans have been crowned king of the footballing world. Though the final whistle has been blown on the quad-annual competition, there is an undeniable buzz and energy about the status of football (soccer) in this country. We are now in the era of […]

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