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Capacity in Seasonal Shipping: How It Affects Produce Season Prices & More

capacity rates produce 2015

***This is Part III of our blog series on shipping produce season 2015. Check out Part I where Andy discusses what kind of produce ships out of Texas, and Part II where Matt alerts you to some shipping changes to look out for this year. And download our 2015 Guide to Produce Shipping for FREE! We […]

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2015 Produce Season: What To Know & What’s Changed

what is produce season 2015

***This is Part II of our three-part series on Produce Season Shipping 2015. Check out Part I for what commodities are shipped around Texas, as well as Part III for the role of CAPACITY in produce shipping! And download the Freight Paper 2015 Guide to Produce Season Shipping for FREE. Hard to believe it’s already April […]

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Texas Produce Shipping 2015 : FreightPros Produce Season Series

texas produce shipping 2015

This is the first of our week-long blog series on Produce Season Shipping 2015! Part II covers changes for 2015 produce season shipping, while Part III deals with capacity and truckload pricing during produce season. And don’t forget to download some free Freight Papers, such as our LTL & Truckload Equipment Guide. Cotton is king: […]

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