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Meet a Pro – Lindsay Wahlquist Interview

meet a pro lindsay wahlquist

If you’re going to work with someone, if you’re going to trust them with aspects of your business, you better get to know them. How else are you going to trust them? That’s the idea behind our “Meet a Pro” Interview Series. Get to know our FreightPros, our company, and the individuals that make up […]

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“Meet a PRO” w/ Sarah Faulk: A Conversation on Shipping and Austin

meet a pro sarah faulk

How long have you been at FreightPros? How did you get into the freight industry? Was it something you studied for in college? I’ve been at FreightPros for a little over a year. In college I studied Spanish and English, so that probably tells you how much I knew about freight before I started here! […]

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So you want to work at FreightPros?

so you want to work for freightpros?

So, you want to work at FreightPros? I’m not going to lie to you… getting a job at FreightPros is no easy feat. We get a lot of applicants and have a multi-step interview process meant to help stellar candidates rise to the top and others, well, not. Why do we do this? Because our […]

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Meet a Pro: Evan Larsen

Hello there, and welcome to another edition of our Meet a Pro interview series, where you’ll get to know the FreightPros with some hard-hitting, “60 Minute”-type questions. THIS IS REAL JOURNALISM PEOPLE!!! Today, we’re interviewing Evan Larsen about surfing in Central Texas (whaaa??), but don’t forget to check out all our previous interviews right here. […]

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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Neil Rubenstein

Welcome back to another edition of our interview series “Meet a PRO,” where we get to know our Pros one hard-hitting question at a time. After you get your Neil on, make sure to check out our previous interviews at our Meet a Pro page. At FreightPros, we’re trying to promote a unique office culture […]

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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Ethan Halliday

Welcome to another edition of “Meet a Pro,” where we introduce the FreightPros to our customers and friends via a series of VERY INTENSE interview questions (Okay, so maybe not that intense). As a third party freight broker, we rarely get the pleasure to meet our customers face to face, so this is a way […]

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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Christie Wright

christie wright

On a Tuesday at Starbucks, I talked to Christie Wright for our next installment of “Meet a Pro.” Though this was the first time Starbucks had been involved, it was hardly the first interview. Curious about Larry’s sports allegiances? Where the heck is Matt from ? All these questions and more answered at our “Meet […]

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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Lucas Turner

Today we welcome Lucas Turner to the “Meet a Pro” club. If you’ve missed our previous interviews you can find them all here, including talks with Emilio, Matt, and others! But enough about that, let’s get to it… Position: Sales Operations Manager Hometown: Washington, Missouri. A small town of about 20,000 people on the banks […]

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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Maya Brown

It’s finally come to pass, as they said it would; today we interview our first intern (she’s not our first intern, only the first to be interviewed for our groundbreaking “Meet a Pro” series). Like what you read? Check out some previous interviews with the likes of Sheridan, Ashley, or Emilio. You can see the […]

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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series : Larry Garcia

First time around? Check out all of our previous interviews and get to know your freight broker. Sheridan has some interesting thoughts concerning whistling. Morgan has a nice sweater she likes to wear. Ashley is UT for life. Name: Larry Garcia Position: Truckload Rep, or basically anything and everything truckload. Hometown: Eagle Pass, Texas. It’s […]

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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Sheridan Phillips

Welcome to the next edition of “Meet a PRO.” If you’re looking for some of our previous interviews and want to get to know us all a bit better, you can check them out here. If you need to get freight quotes give us a call and  if you want to learn more about freight shipping in […]

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Meet a Pro – The FreightPros Interview Series : Matt Harrington

In this week’s “Meet A PRO,” we’re going to talk to Matt Harrington about steak and potatoes (among other things). And don’t forget, Matt’s not the only employee here! Check out Emilio, Morgan, and Ashley in our previous installments of the series. Want more freight info? Check out our freight shipping guide to get started! […]

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