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Captain Phillips – The FreightPros Movie Club

captain phillips movie review

It’s about 20 minutes into Captain Phillips, the 2013 Tom Hanks movie, when a suspicious blip appears on the radar of the Maersk Alabama and things start spiraling out of control. Suspense, however, builds from the opening credits and doesn’t let up until the screen goes black. It’s a white-knuckle sort of movie. Captain Phillips […]

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Black Dog Movie Review: FreightPros Film Club

black dog movie review

RIP Patrick Swayze. You made some great films, like Road House. Point Break. The Outsiders. You also made some not great films like Black Dog. Spoiler alert. The best thing I can say about Black Dog is that it knows exactly what it is, which is a 1998 thriller/action movie with a number of slow […]

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