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Coaching Youth Soccer with Emilio

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Just another day on the pitch…
Hi, my name is Emilio Dominguez and I work in the billing department at FreightPros. With all the craziness that surrounds the freight industry, I really enjoy my down time outside of the office. Although there are a lot of things I enjoy doing in my free time, my favorite hobby has to be soccer (watching, playing, pretty much anything and everything soccer). I have played since the ripe age of four years old and still find time to play pickup games around our beautiful city of Austin. However, since my competitive playing days have ended, there has been a void that I have felt needed to be filled for quite awhile. So what better way to fill that void then to give back and start coaching? Check out some dog-friendly spots in ATX! Back in 2007, the Houston Dynamo professional soccer team decided to extend their Academy program beyond the city of Houston into the Rio Grande Valley (where I grew up). Luckily for me, this was in the middle of my high school career, so it was the perfect opportunity to play for a professional academy team. Around the same time, the Dynamo Juniors of Central Texas Academy program was born. Growing up playing for the Dynamo Academy and knowing how great a program it is, I decided to get in touch with the Director here in Austin to get information about coaching with their academy.  Soccer is growing rapidly in the United States and more and more kids are choosing the sport over other sports like football or baseball. Plus, it’s the Beautiful Game so I don’t blame people for turning to soccer, or the real “football”. This fall season is my first season coaching with the Dynamo Academy and I have three teams so I’m very busy outside of work for weekday evening practices and games in the Austin area on the weekend. I have two Under-9 Boys teams and one Under-11 Boys team. While the kids can be challenging at times, most of them are eager to learn and that’s what makes it so rewarding. Plus, I can scrimmage with them and show them that I still got it. Freight terms everyone should know  The Austin community has embraced the sport of soccer and so have many of our FreightPros. We even started a Fantasy Soccer League in which we have many of our FreightPros participating including Logan Theissen and Ethan Halliday. It is great to work for a company that understands the balance that its team members need and can be flexible in working with different schedules. I think that’s not only a testament to FreightPros, but to Austin in general. Austin is a very progressive, forward-thinking city where many people enjoy working and playing hard. This has also been a FreightPros motto for a long time, and the correlation between the great Austin culture and the FreightPros culture is one we’re very proud of; whether it be freight or soccer!

Emilio Dominguez

Milo Dominguez works in the Billing Department at FreightPros. In addition to being a Manchester United fanatic and youth soccer coach, he enjoys spending time with his wife, friends, and family.

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