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So you want to work at FreightPros?

so you want to work for freightpros?
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So, you want to work at FreightPros? I’m not going to lie to you… getting a job at FreightPros is no easy feat. We get a lot of applicants and have a multi-step interview process meant to help stellar candidates rise to the top and others, well, not. Why do we do this? Because our team is everything. Yeah, freight is alright; but it’s not why we work here. We work here because coming to work every day means getting to hang out with a tight-knit group of folks who are smart, motivated, funny, and super supportive of each other. Our hiring process exists to make sure that any new person we add to our team can not only pull their own weight, but also bring something unique to the table. So, without further ado, here are a few pointers from “The HR Girl” herself on how to do well in our hiring process!

1. Be yourself. We want to get to know you, not just your resume.

2. Do some research. By the time an applicant gets to the interview stage, we expect them to know basic information about who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We have a ton of resources on our website—make use of them!

3. Don’t sugar-coat your weaknesses. We all have them. So long as you’ve learned from them, that’s what we’re looking for.

4. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s more obvious that you’d think when candidates tell us what they think we want to hear. See Rule #1.

5. Bring a pen.

6. Ask good questions. An applicant with no questions seems uninterested. An applicant with out-of-the-box questions seems cookie-cutter. Ask us what you really want to know!

7. Be on time. 5-10 minutes early is good. 5-10 minutes late is not. 45 minutes early is also not.

8. Communicate well. Keep in mind that your application is not only evaluated in your formal interviews, but also by every other interaction you have with our team by email, phone, or in person.

9. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke! We’re a laid-back bunch.

10. Bring a pen. Did I already say that?

Christie McNeill

Christie is a born-and-raised Austinite and proud of it. In her free time, she enjoys trying new food, road biking, drinking red wine and travelling.

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