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Lost Genre: Trucker Country

Howdy, my name is Andy Bond, and I’m on the truckload team here at FreightPros. I love “Trucker Country,” and think you should too. In my mind, it’s only fitting that one of the most important but often overlooked industries has its own music genre. Maybe it’s due to all the time drivers spend “Looking at the world through a windshield” (Del Reeves), but I like to think it’s due to the mysticism of the road and everyone’s undeniable desire to know what’s around that next corner.  I mean, what red blooded American has never dreamt about being “A kiss stealing wheeling dealing truck driving son of a gun” (Dave Dudley)? Ok, maybe that’s just me (But I’d like to think not)! Take a trip to the Great American Truck Show Trucker Country got its start when Cliff Bruner and His Boys recorded Truck Driver’s Blues in 1939. It peaked in the 70s with America’s CB radio craze and inspired some classic American cinema like Convoy in 1976 and Smokey and the Bandit in 1977. Those movies came with some fantastic songs too, Convoy by C.W. McCall and East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed. The genre somewhat petered out in the mid 80s. I blame Sylvester Stallone’s 1987 Over the Top for killing the dream of being a trucker. I like Trucker Country because all the songs revolve around the central theme of truck driving but range from serious to light hearted, from catchy to down right cheesy. On the serious side, there’s Tombstone Every Mile by Dick Curless, about the perils of hauling goods in northern Maine. On the other end is Red Sovine’s Teddy Bear, one of his biggest hits that’s so cheesy I just can’t stand it. If you’re considering a career in the freight industry, start listening to some Trucker Country. You’ll start to learn a number of the industry specific terms from these songs and hopefully have a better idea of what it’s like for the driver’s that make jobs like our’s possible. FreightPros Building A Strong Truckload Team They make for great road trip songs too. Check off locals from your bucket list with I’ve Been Everywhere by the great Johnny Cash, and next time you hit the road for a spell give my favorite Trucker Country song, Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves by Red Simpson a listen. It’ll help to melt away the miles and keep the hammer down. So if you’re thinking about joining the ranks of the much needed truck drivers of America, starting a career with a freight broker, hitting the road for a road trip, or simply want to enjoy some fine Americana; listen to some trucker country. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Andy Bond

Andy is a Truckload Solutions Specialist here at FreightPros. He enjoys long walks on the beach...er, more like Jeep rides in the desert. When he's not annoying everyone around him by blasting Trucker Country, he and his wife enjoy taking their dog, Lilly, to all the dog parks in Austin and catching a live show when they can.

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