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Austin’s Trail of Lights 2014 is Here!

austin trail of lights
CC photo courtesy pixajen via Flickr
The trail of lights is here and you know what that means… increased traffic on Cesar Chavez! I’m kidding, of course. Who could be that cynical about Christmas? The songs! The weather! The presents! If you’re an Austin native then you know about the Trail of Lights (it’s famous round’ these parts), and if you’re not from Austin, chances are you’ve got something similar (though probably not as nice). In honor of the Trail of Lights 50th Anniversary, here are some quick facts you might not have known.  
  • The inaugural year for the Austin Trail of Lights was 1965, way back when it was only 4 days long and called “The Spirit of Christmas.”
  • Standing at a whopping 155 feet, the famous Zilker Tree is the tallest man-made Christmas tree in the world.
  • The production costs approx. $1.7 MILLION. That’s alot of lights.
  • There will be an estimated attendance of 425,000 people during the celebration. That’s the largest crowd of the year for an Austin event, surpassing SXSW, ACL Music Festival, and the F1 races.
  • Due to budget cuts, there was no Austin Trail of Lights in 2010 & 2011. The villagers took to the streets with pitchforks and fiery torches, and thanks to some generous donors and fund-raising, the lights were turned back on for 2012.
  • Last year there were 10 marriage proposals and 18 happy citizens (I’m kidding – the trail doesn’t let lovers down).
  • The Austin Trail of Lights is consistently included in the Top 10 National Light Festivals by USA Today.
There you have it, Austin’s Trail of Lights by the numbers. We all know Austin does some things right (hipsters, breakfast tacos, soaring summer temps), and it appears we can add “kick-ass light festivals” to the list. So get out there and check out some lights! Bring the kids! Bring Grandma and Grandpa! Bring a FreightPro! Come one, come all, and celebrate Christmas the Austin way (with mid 70 temperatures and not an ounce of snow on the ground). You can visit the official website of the Austin Trail of Lights here, for more information on parking and admission. The event runs through December 21st, so don’t be late.  

Logan Theissen

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