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Tiny Training & The Value of Knowledge in Freight

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Shipping Knowledge for The Masses
At FreightPros, we believe in training. The more we train, the better we know the industry, the more we can help our customers ship their freight safely. Look at our collection of informative Freight Papers if you don’t believe me. Recently, we’ve upped the bar when it comes to freight education. They’re called Tiny Trainings, and they are awesome. Tiny Trainings got started a few months ago. A weekly training seminar, usually no more than ten minutes in length, taught by FreightPros employees. The purpose of these Tiny Trainings is to educate all FreightPros employees in tactics, and technology, that might be outside of their own FreightPros team. For example, I’m on the content/marketing/SEO/social media/writing team. Though I have a history on the Solutions Team, I’ve never been part of the Truckload Team, or our excellent Sales Team. That doesn’t mean I’m in the dark about what they do every day, nine to five. But there are details to their work that I am unaware of. Until Tiny Trainings, that is. We’ve had training sessions about the sales and lead processes. We’ve learned about customer service, expedited shipping, Salesforce, marketing automation, claims, freight class, and much more. These team training are voluntary. You don’t have to sign up if you don’t want to, or are not interested. But the more Tiny Trainings you attend or teach, the better your chances are at a raffle prize down the road. At FreightPros, we reward preparedness. This philosophy is what allows us to thrive in the complicated freight world. The sharing of information creates a transparent work environment, where members from different teams have an understanding and respect for all aspects of the freight broker work we do here. Needless to say, it’s pretty special. cc image courtesy Loozrboy via Flickr

Logan Theissen

Logan is a Content Marketing Associate at FreightPros in charge of social media and content creation. He has a writing degree from the University of Oklahoma, but lives life on the edge and resides in Longhorn country. He loves Murakami books, Tarantino movies, and Vonnegut books. Lots of books. One day he will own a dog, but first he'll have to get a yard.

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