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Texas Flooding Slows Freight

texas flooding
Flooding affects everything, including freight
At this point I’m sure you’re aware that there was massive flooding/tornadoes/storms in Texas and Oklahoma as well as other parts of the south over the Memorial Day weekend. Though we’re dry (and lucky) here at the FreightPros HQ in Austin, lots of folks aren’t, so check out these reports on more information and how to help the victims. Keep in mind that emergencies like this slow down EVERYTHING, and included in that is freight. ESPECIALLY freight. We’ve had record amounts of road closures due to low water crossings, and so many of our LTL carriers in the Texas and Oklahoma region are experiencing delays for both truckload and LTL shipping. Throw on top of that the holiday delays that we’re seeing from the Memorial Day weekend, and Memorial Day itself on Monday (most of the carriers, like most of the nation, had off). Not to mention we’re approaching the end of the month, and things always pick up at the end of the month while shippers try to get freight off their docks. So please remember, brokers and carriers alike are trying to get your freight where it needs to be, safely, as quickly as possible. If you’ve got freight on the road, take advantage of the excellent tracking systems many of our LTL carriers provide through their websites. And if at all possible, hold off on shipping in the affected areas for a few days until things calm down. Truckload and LTL are interconnected, meaning even if you’re shipping in areas not affected, the flooding can still change transit times. Many carriers are even taking steps to remove guaranteed shipments and other freight audibles. It’s been a long winter for freight, transportation, and pretty much everyone. Summer is coming, it’s almost here, and while it may be as hot as some of our hot shipments (I’m sorry…), excessive heat rarely leads to freight delays the way that flooding and snow storms do. cc image courtesy usacetulsa on Flickr

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