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FreightPros: A Reservoir of Soccer Knowledge and Support

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FreightPros & Soccer
Growing up, soccer was the number one thing in my life. From playing, to watching, to coaching; I lived, breathed, and bled soccer. However, after accumulating several injuries, my playing days appear to be behind me, and now watching the beautiful game on a daily basis is how I get my fix. Luckily, I’ve found a place to spend my days that has more than a casual appreciation for my favorite sport. When I started working at FreightPros in June 2015, it became very clear, very quickly, that many of my new co-workers were both very knowledgeable, and die hard supporters. At FreightPros, we’re all about shipping knowledge, and we’re all about #support, so it was cool to see these principals extend beyond the freight industry. We have several Man United, (including myself), several Liverpool, and one lonely Chelsea supporter (what a time to be a Chelsea supporter!), and a few others who support Mexico. However, these differences in allegiance do not stop us from enjoying matches together. Any time there is a midweek match, whether Premier League, Champions League, or a match during the international break, we have that match on our company TV for everyone to watch while working. Never under-estimate how a Wayne Rooney goal or Chelsea win (wait, they don’t win anymore…) can be a great little break from day to day freight tracking phone calls. {Ed. note: As the “lone Chelsea supporter,” I feel the need to remind the readership that Chelsea is the CURRENT & DEFENDING CHAMPIONS of the EPL.} Even though we all support different club teams, we all come together when the US Men’s National Team plays. In their last match (against St. Vincent & The Grenadines) we all got together after work and watched them triumph 6-1 in their first World Cup 2018 Qualifier. Additionally, there’s always a soccer ball to kick around the office, and we have also put a plan into motion to have a dominating FreightPros Indoor soccer team in the near future. No matter which team you support, FreightPros offers a great place to discuss the most recent soccer news, watch the most recent goals, juggle the ball for a quick break, or just banter with rival fans. It’s another reminder that FreightPros takes culture seriously. CC Image courtesy faungg via Flickr

Aaron Schimmoller

Aaron is a Solutions Specialist at FreightPros. He was born and raised in Austin, TX but went to college at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. In his spare time Aaron enjoys playing and watching soccer, going on hikes, and watching Netflix/HBO. On the weekend mornings you can find Aaron at any of the many breakfast taco vendors in Austin as he considers himself a breakfast taco extraordinaire.

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