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FreightPros & Skydiving… Let’s All Go Jump Out Of A Plane!!!

This person just jumped out of a plane. For real.
This person just jumped out of a plane. For real.
At FreightPros, we often talk about how fast-paced the freight industry is, whether it means rescuing lost freight or getting a pick up ETA. Sometimes, all that stress and business makes you…well, it makes you wanna jump out of a plane. A few weeks ago, I decided to take that outside of work and apply it in a whole new way. My name is Maya Brown, I am an Account Manager, and I jumped out of a plane! Skydiving is an adrenaline-triggering, fast-paced activity that involves parachutes, professionals, and a venturesome spirit. There are different ways to take on this extreme sport, but the first step is finding a place to do it! I went to Skydive San Marcos, 30 minutes south of Austin, with my boyfriend, Kevin, on a Sunday afternoon. At this point you may be wondering what the heck leads up to the moment you freefall out of a plane. Here it is… Learn How To Ship Your Bike Safe & Sound I am assigned a tandem instructor who helps me get suited up in a fashionable, neon jumpsuit. One instructor jokes that the suits are so bright in order to easily find the bodies later, which is….not funny. After tightening a variety of straps on my harness, we go over safety procedures. When jumping out, I must arch my back and kick my legs and head back. Got it. Legs up when landing. Okay, no problem! Then my instructor, Joe, leads me to the plane. The flight up lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, and eventually a heart-pounding moment arrives when I realize I’m about to jump out of a plane. And then it’s time. People start dropping like flies–out of the plane. Just as sheer panic ensues, my tandem instructor pushes us out of the door, and we start the freefall. It lasts 45-60 seconds, but it feels like a blink of an eye. Sensory overload makes your body go into a short shock the first time or two (Lovely, right?). Then, before I know it, the parachute jerks me to my senses as it releases us to float in the sky. We coast down five to six minutes, taking in the beautiful Texas landscape, before an easy arrival to the ground. It is over. It’s Moving Season, Learn How To Ship A Bed It happens that quickly, and yet the experience is fantastic. My favorite part? I love the freefall, challenging my fears, and trying something completely out of my comfort zone. Any trepidation becomes joy. If you find yourself with any opportunity to go, I recommend signing up (before you can second-guess your sanity) and enjoy the ride–or the dive, I should say.

Maya Brown

Maya is an Account Manager at FreightPros. As a Colorado native, Maya loves being outside and enjoys spending her weekends hiking, camping and going for bike rides. She also loves live music and tries to go to many concerts as possible. Another of her Austin favorites is Tex-Mex and the heavenly goodness that is queso!

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