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Shipping News Roundup – December 2015

shipping news december 2015
Shipping News Roundup
With 2016 right around the corner, FreightPros wanted to start a new blog series that taps into the freight and shipping news that is happening not only in our corner of the world (Austin, TX), but also a national and even at times global “roundup” of recent news articles related to the freight/shipping industry. At the end of each month, we’ll briefly touch on the most important freight news articles to hit the (metaphorical) newsstands, link to their stories, and give a few insights of our own. These freight news roundups will keep our own FreightPros in the know, and hopefully serve our customers and readers by informing them of recent shipping events that may affect their own shipping practices. So without further adieu… EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT… This is the FreightPros Shipping News Roundup for December 2015… The Amazonian Fleet: After opening their first physical store in November, Amazon looks to take to the skies. The online retail behemoth has allegedly been in the market for a fleet of planes to take more control of the shipping of their many products. So far, details and information is limited, but expect to see more news of this in the coming months. Between this and their drone delivery service, it seems Amazon is taking delivery into their own hands, and reducing their reliance on traditional parcel delivery services like Fedex. Read more here… A New Way to Solve The Driver Shortage: To combat a national shortage of truck drivers, more and more women are taking to the road. In the freight industry, you’ve got to adapt or die. So say goodbye to the male-dominated industry of years past, and hello to the women who are filling the void. Fighting decades of stereotypes, carriers are trying to convince women that they are wanted and needed in the ever-changing freight industry. Sometimes the freight industry is behind the times, but this is some positive news for the future of transportation. Read more here… The Attack of the Hoverboards: Despite having wheels, the confusingly-named hoverboards are all the rage this holiday season. Though they do provide some thrilling footage, they also seem to provide some safety-issues as their lithium batteries burst into flames. Because of these safety-issues, the US Postal Service refuses to ship these products through the air. Amazon is also among the many retailers who have pulled the popular items. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the Back to the Future model. Read more here… Here Comes the Container Homes: More and more folks are turning to container homes. While they used to be reserved for outside-the-box architects, container homes are popping up around the nation. We’re not entirely unfamiliar with the concept here in Austin. The homes are allegedly safer, stronger, and even cheaper to build, so expect to see more of these container homes in the future. Read more here… CC Image Courtesy Jon S via Flickr

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