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Ship Early to Avoid Thanksgiving Delays

ship early to avoid thanksgiving delays
Ship Early to Avoid Thanksgiving Delays
Check out our video on Avoiding Holiday Shipping Delays! The days are shorter. The temperature has dropped. Black Friday commercials are inescapable. It’s that time of year again: Holiday Season. And like the airports and highways, the LTL and truckload freight industry will be backed up after Thanksgiving Thursday and during the week that follows. The freight carriers will be off on Thursday, and most of them will be working skeleton crews on Friday as well. Full truckload owners and operators will be heading back home to spend the holiday with their friends and family, so the market will tighten up as we get closer and closer to turkey day. So what can you do to minimize your freight delays during this time? Ship early. In fact, stop what you’re doing and ship right now. The earlier you can get your freight packaged and out the door, the better chance you have of avoiding delays. And though it may be a madhouse in your distribution center or warehouse, getting freight out fast is not an excuse for skimping on the details. Make sure your bills of lading are set with all the necessary information including delivery appointment numbers, liftgate notifications, and NMFC codes. Make sure your packaging is on point. Taking care of the details BEFORE you ship will help eliminate stoppages during transit. All this being said, it’s important to set expectations. A glut of freight for the carriers, skeleton crews and employees on vacation, bad weather; all of these can factor into holiday freight delays, both with truckload and LTL. Ship safe. Ship early. And remember to be patient as the holidays commence. CC Image courtesy Steve Voght via Flickr

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