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Rescue Pets in Austin

rescue dogs austin
Living in Austin is a treat for any animal lover, especially dog lovers.  According to Dog Fancy magazine, Austin was voted the best city for dogs in the USA winning the title of DogTown USA 2014. Another facet of Austin that is truly unique? The city as a whole is a “no kill city.” This means no shelter, independent or government, can put an animal down unless there are extenuating circumstances.  I’m Ryan Breitenbach, a Senior Account Executive here at FreightPros and a proud owner of five, yes FIVE dogs. Four of them were rescues, and one was a weak moment at a pet store. These sorts of accolades made it an easy decision to move our pack of pups down to this amazing city. We knew that we would have a bountiful amount of good dog parks and dog friendly businesses to attend once we arrived. A very important aspect of this city for our family was to have an outlet to volunteer some of our time to give back in some form or fashion for the sheer amount of joy our dogs have brought us. Upon arrival, we sought out a few of the local shelters and organizations to see about volunteering. All of the organizations we visited were more than hospitable and had stellar staff members that made the visits truly memorable.  Austin Pets Alive!, Austin Humane Society, and Austin Animal Center were our top visits to seek out volunteer opportunities. How Does Uber Work? Going to these locations we did not intend on seeking out any new members of the family, but upon arrival at Austin Animal Center we came across a pup that had been hit by a car and was limping about her kennel. We were of course crushed and took her in with the intention of fostering her and nursing her back to health. The staff at AAC made certain that the pup was in good medical condition and that she also got along with our other dogs before she was allowed to come home with us. This little attention to detail shows how amazing the staff at AAC and other shelters around the city are. They care about the well being of each and every animal beyond just their health, they want to make certain the home they are going to will be suitable prior to any release. Rescuing a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have, in my humble opinion. Sure, there are lots of responsibilities that come with owning a pet of any shape or size, but the joy you receive from being greeted daily by a wagging tail is 100% worth it. Having rescued four pups and purchasing another, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that rescued animals have a lifelong appreciation about them. Rescuing a pet helps in so many ways, beyond the joy they bring you, you are also helping to get an animal off the streets or out of an overcrowded shelter. Another amazing thing about rescuing an animal is that you are helping to control the pet population because in many circumstances, the animal does not leave the shelter without being spayed or neutered. Maya Jumps Out of a Plane Next time you are thinking about adding a member to the family, I urge you to seriously consider rescuing an animal from one of the local shelters in your area. The rewards are endless! In the words of Bob Barker, “And please remember, help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered!”

Ryan Breitenbach

Ryan is a Senior Account Executive at FreightPros. In addition to being a tad too obsessed with his dogs and all other dogs, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his partner Brandon. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Film and Video Production and is finally putting that to use with his new GoPro camera!

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