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Shipping & What Ping-Pong Has To Do With It

When people talk about “the beautiful game” and I immediately ask if they have their own paddle they often look at me like this. Of course, after some back and forth (some might call it a rally), we come to the same conclusion. Ping-Pong really IS the best! I’m kidding, of course. I love soccer as much as the next guy, but getting a quick game of 11 vs 11 can be difficult during a Monday afternoon sandwiched between meetings. So we do with what we have, and what we have is Ping-Pong AKA table tennis.
Always a fight to the death
Always a fight to the death
Now, if you work in the freight industry, you already know the stresses that come with LTL and TL shipping. If you’re just here to learn more about the pong, great, but know the shipping industry is TOUGH. And what better way to occasionally escape the crazy than a quick and friendly game of Ping-Pong? Here’s a few interesting facts about the greatest game in all of the world (read it and weep Roger Goodell). – There is a difference between table tennis and Ping-Pong! While the game is technically known as table tennis, the more popular Ping-Pong is often associated with the sounds the ball makes when making contact with the paddles. First theres the “ping,” hopefully followed by the “pong.” In reality though, “Ping-Pong” was adopted as a brand for the new game by none other than the Parker Brothers. Yes, those Parker Brothers. Bottom line? Like Kleenex, Jell-O, and Jet Ski, Ping-Pong started as a brand while table tennis has, is, and will always be the official name. – Table Tennis was created as a parlor game in 19th Century England to play after dinner by upper-class aristocrats. In true English fashion, the name left a bit to be desired (hence Ping-Pong). – In the early 1900s, Russia actually banned table tennis because the rulers believed the game gave players bad eyesight. Those crazy russians! – The best players in the world can smash the ball at up to 70mph. Though that might seem insanely fast, the FreightPros are going to break this record eventually…we just need a radar gun. -And finally, there’s this. You’re welcome.  

Logan Theissen

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