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The #Pimpinjoy Movement & How We All Can Make A Difference

Being an Austinite, I was always too stubborn to leave my beloved town for a career in another city or state. Taking my sales position with FreightPros over two years ago was a true blessing. There are many things that make this company amazing to work for, but today I want to focus on one topic that I am truly proud of. This may start random and off topic, but it will all make sense, I promise! I started listening to the Bobby Bones Show many eons ago while sitting in the always dreadful Mopac traffic on my way to Austin High School (Shout out to Amy! Loyal Forever, Go Maroons!). On those rides to school, the radio personalities of Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, and others, became like those of true friends. The years went by and before I knew it, my local favorites had packed up and moved to Nashville where they became nationally syndicated celebrities. As happy as I was for the show’s success, I was devastated to hear, one morning on my way to work, about Amy’s mother, Judy, being diagnosed and ultimately losing her battle with cancer. But, with this tragedy, #pimpinjoy was born. If you don’t already know, Pimpinjoy is a movement, a celebration dedicated to the people that are fighting cancer or other difficulties in life, but choosing to find and spread joy in their daily lives. Since it started, #pimpinjoy has spread joy and positivity throughout the country. Most mornings I can hear people call into the show and give examples of how they themselves have “pimped joy” or how someone has positively affected their life through the #pimpinjoy movement. Whether it’s paying for the person behind them in the Starbucks line, or cheering on a special needs classmate in his track race, people are #pimpinjoy each and every day. As I sat in traffic one morning, it dawned on me how my company has turned something at the work place that could have been mandated and myopic into a #pimpinjoy effort. FreightPros wanted to make a positive impact in our community through volunteer services, but we were faced with a dilemma: too many non-profits and organizations to choose from, and too many employees wanting to focus on the things that they were most passionate about. How do you choose just one basket to put your eggs in? Out of this predicament our CEO, Chris Clever, decided to start Volunteer PTO days. The deal is this: Every FreightPros employee gets two extra, fully-paid days off throughout the year to volunteer however they see fit. Since Volunteer PTOs were incorporated into our schedules, I have been able to witness numerous acts of #pimpinjoy. From volunteering at Urban Roots to helping this year’s local flood victims, and working with Caritas of Austin, these PTO days have allowed my company, and our employees, to make an amazing impact all over Austin and the surrounding areas. So this is my calling to all companies. Try it out! Give your employees a couple of days throughout the year to make an impact and #pimpjoy throughout your city. Together, through the #pimpinjoy movement, we can make a world-wide difference; all it takes is a little joy.

Evan Larsen

Evan Larsen is a senior sales executive at FreightPros and an original Austinite. As a renowned food junky and lake rat, her days are typically spent wakesurfing on Lake Austin, running Town Lake with her dog Callie, or trying out new restaurants around the city with friends and family.

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