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Noble Sandwich on Burnet: A Review

One of the most talked about aspects of Austin lifestyle is the food. Sure, people love food everywhere. No doubt about it. But whenever you talk about Austin, whenever you are telling your friends back home about where you live, as you’re humble-bragging about the things that make Austin tick, the conversation undoubtedly winds its way back to food. In that spirit, we’re going to be reviewing some local restaurants around town, giving you FreightPros hot takes on some of the best cuisine Austin has to offer. You might be thinking, “But wait, this is a freight shipping blog?!?!” And you’d be correct in that assumption. But if you’re at all familiar with our company and our culture, you’d know that we’re more than just freight. Today, myself and our billing-guru, Emilio Dominguez, decided to take a quick lunch trip down the street from our offices to Noble Sandwich Co. on Burnet. We’ve heard a lot about Noble in the past few weeks since its opening, with everyone from Austin’s biggest foodies to the Yelp crowd singing its praises. After our boss Chris gave the place two thumbs up, it became clear that Emilio and I needed to give this place a shot.
noble sandwich burnet
It’s real hot out here…let’s eat some sandwiches.
  We showed up to Noble Sandwich on Burnet just after Noon on a Tuesday and were lucky enough to snag a pretty good parking spot. That being said, it’s a small parking lot so if you’re making a visit during the lunch rush hour, expect to park and walk. But let’s be real, a little exercise never hurt anyone. Any place worth going to is going to have some parking issues, in my humble opinion (though there is a helpful parking sign, as seen in the picture above).
noble sandwich company
Looks dark, but that is just poor photography skills
The interior is set up like your typical deli. You hop in line (most of the time there’s a line) and order at the counter. Menus are up on the big boards behind the counter and more detailed menus are available if you need to learn more about each sandwich. Once you’ve ordered, you’re given a number and it’s time to find a seat. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating, and as it was approximately 100 billion degrees outside, Emilio and I opted to sit inside. The indoor seating is communal, which is always something I really like. It doesn’t mean you have to bother your neighbor with your awesome conspiracy theories, buuuut…. In all seriousness, the seating is quick and easy. And hey, maybe you’ll make a new friend!
Enough talking. Time to eat.
Enough talking. Time to eat.
And now time for the food. I ordered the “Turkey Chop,” and it was a damn fine sandwich. I went with wheat bread, which mixed well with the red onion, cucumbers, fresh herbs, and lemon-coriander vinaigrette. And of course the turkey. The meat was savory and didn’t overwhelm the bread, which is always a plus. I often find that some sandwiches go way too heavy on the meat in a “more bang for your buck” kind of ploy, but I think a good sandwich is a mix of bread, veggies, and meat; all carrying the same weight of importance. The cucumbers and herbs lent a light touch to the sandwich (perfect for summertime), and it topped off with a healthy slathering of the fantastic vinaigrette. The sandwich came with a side of chips, which were fine if not unique. As this was my first experience at Noble, I went all in, ordering a side of the “Herb potato salad” and a cup of the daily soup special, the “Bok Choy Lemongrass soup.” The potato salad was heavy on the potatoes, but the herbs were fresh and the dressing didn’t overwhelm the dish, which is always a possibility with potato salad. As for the Bok Choy? Heavenly. My favorite part of the meal. It was smooth and savory and the cabbage bits were plentiful and delicious. I wish I could have it every day.
Emilio did not get any Bok Choy. Big mistake, Emilio.
Emilio did not get any Bok Choy. Big mistake, Emilio.
Emilio went with the “Knuckle Sandwich” which is clever and also very tasty. It’s roast beef, horseradish, caramelized onions, cheddar, and au jus for dipping. The bread was fresh and sponged up the dipping sauce, while the cheddar didn’t overwhelm the deliciousness of the beef. Emilio, usually a pretty talkative fellow, went communication blackout for about ten minutes as he did work on the sandwich. By the time he was done, it was a massacre. There was nothing left but his smile.
A necessary evil
A necessary evil
Overall, enough cannot be said about Noble Sandwich on Burnet. Though I’ll have to make a few more trips to declare it my favorite sandwich joint in town, after one visit that claim is on the table. They serve beer and wine along with their sandwiches, and if you can beat the rush it’s not too packed or crowded inside. I’ll give it 4 1/2 stars, only because I’m eager to try some of the different sandwiches that were sold out when we went, including the “Creole Catfish” and the “Pecan Smoked Beef Brisket.” And after delicious sandwiches, in major heat, there’s only one option for dessert…Snow cones from 512 Sno! Sugar! Summer!
The key is to devour it before it melts
Devour before melting for best results
Noble Sandwich is located on Burnet, next to Pinthouse Pizza. They’re open from 7AM-3PM, Monday – Thursday. 7AM-5PM, Friday – Sunday.

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