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Introducing the FreightPros Mission Board

freightpros mission board
Our Mission
Here at FreightPros we take our company culture seriously! In the spirit of further embodying this culture, we recently clarified our vision to set the standard for a quality freight experience. To get started in the right direction, we set up a “Mission Board” with concrete benchmarks that represent our FreightPros mission.  The Mission Board lives on the wall in our break area. It’s made up of seven columns with headings such as “Strong Customer Partnerships,” “Innovative Solutions,” and “Freight Experts.” People can quickly jot down ideas for team or individual growth, freight training, or whatever. These suggestions run the gamut from small process improvements to much larger projects involving the entire company. So far, my favorite idea on the board proposes subscribing to blogs and newsletters outside of the LTL and Truckload shipping industry in order to further develop our knowledge of the transportation industry as a whole; including ocean container shipping and more. By expanding our freight horizons, we strive to become freight experts for our customers. The Mission Board embodies our commitment not only to our vision, but also to our company culture and core values by providing a way for us to apply these values into our everyday responsibilities. As we solidify our mission I can feel us getting closer to bringing our vision to life, and I am so excited to see where it takes us!

Sarah Faulk

Sarah is on the Solutions Team at FreightPros. She loves being active -- whether it's swimming with her dog, dancing, practicing Krav Maga, or just doing something silly like Prancercising (look it up, it's great). Unusual talents include: falling asleep at the drop of a hat, identifying different species of trees, and winning radio contests.

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