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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Sheridan Phillips

Patrick makes pictures better, everybody knows that.
Patrick makes pictures better, everybody knows that.
Welcome to the next edition of “Meet a PRO.” If you’re looking for some of our previous interviews and want to get to know us all a bit better, you can check them out here. If you need to get freight quotes give us a call and  if you want to learn more about freight shipping in general, make sure to download our Freight Shipping Guide for FREE! Meet a PRO: Sheridan Phillips (She’s on the right). Position: Solutions Specialist / Account Manager. Also, sales rep for Randall’s breakfast burritos; undercover. Hometown: I’m a bit of a mutt, but I was born in San Angelo, TX and raised in North Carolina. University: Appalachian State. Home of the Mountaineers AND the largest upset in college football history (over Michigan in 2007). It was an away game, so after we won we rushed our empty field and tore down the goalposts. Epic, right? How long have you been a FreightPro? Five months, and eleven days. So like five and half months? Five months. Eleven days. One word to describe the freight industry? #needalotofcoffee How long have you lived in Austin? Almost seven months to the day. I left North Carolina the day of my final college exam, and made it to West Texas in like a day and a half, which has to be some kind of record. I was born to drive. What’s your favorite thing about Austin? Umm, the food. Yeah. The food. What kind of food? Depends on what time of day you’re talking about. For breakfast you can’t beat Cenote. For lunch, a fresh taco from Torchy’s – secret menu. Dinner? Gimme El Alma. Dessert? Tiff’s Treats. I’m a big fan of dessert. That’s intense. You’ve really thought about this. Hey, you asked. What’s your least favorite thing about Austin? I’m not going to say traffic, because that’s what everyone says. I’m going to say that the worst part about Austin is that there’s too much good stuff to do. I can’t fit it all into one weekend. Coolest place you’ve ever visited? I love, love, love New York City. There was a restaurant there called, “Mars.” It was all red lighting, the walls were like the red planet, and the hallways were like tunnels. It was a crazy place. Anyways, it closed down so now you can’t go anymore, and I think I like it more because of that. I can always remember “Mars.” Favorite book? Movie? Both. I have lots of favorite books, but I’d probably go with “Where the Red Fern Grows.” I loved that book as a kid. For movie? I love Disney movies. And also I can sing and dance along with the entire movie, “Oklahoma.” What’s your favorite Disney movie? For singing and dancing, it’s gotta be “The Little Mermaid.” But if you’re just talking about me, a couch, and a bowl of popcorn? I’d have to say, “The Lion King.” No love for “Beauty and the Beast”? Psssh. Next question, please. Favorite Sport? Favorite team? Well, I don’t really like professional sports because there aren’t enough errors. That’s my favorite part about sports, and the most interesting I feel; watching a team or player recover from errors and mistakes. That’s where it’s at. I don’t really have a favorite team, but I love to watch volleyball. Okay. It’s time for the Desert Island Round. Name three foods you’d take with you? Sushi. Any Mexican food. Steak. You can’t just say, ‘Any Mexican Food.’ Why not? It’s true. I don’t care. ANY Mexican food will do. Fair enough. What about a band or musician? I would take a mix tape of my own creation with 90s country music on it and a little bit of rap at the end. Seriously? What’s better than that? Okay. Name one thing you’d couldn’t leave behind? My dog, Meeko. He’s an American Fox Hound mix. He’s my main man. Time for the Lightning Round. Apples vs Oranges? Oranges. Unless there is peanut butter; extra crunchy. Then apples and peanut butter. Beatles vs Stones? Rolling Stones. Twilight vs Hunger Games? Hunger Games. NPR vs Fox News? Neither. I read “The Economist.” Fancy. Garth Brooks vs George Strait. George. But that’s a tough one. Final Question. What’s your hidden talent? Gosh, I have so many! My favorite is that I don’t whistle by blowing air out of my mouth, I whistle by sucking air in. What? Yeah, crazy right? I don’t understand.  What can I say? It’s a gift.

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