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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Neil Rubenstein

Sup, Neil?
Sup, Neil?
Welcome back to another edition of our interview series “Meet a PRO,” where we get to know our Pros one hard-hitting question at a time. After you get your Neil on, make sure to check out our previous interviews at our Meet a Pro page. At FreightPros, we’re trying to promote a unique office culture and environment, one that places importance on visibility. We know that most freight brokers adopt the philosophy, “Out of sight, out of mind,” but we’re determined to be different here. Relationships are everything to us, and so while we try to get to know our customers and their needs, we want you to get to know us. Enjoy! Position: Account Executive Hometown? Phoenix, Arizona. Born and raised in the famous dry heat. University? Well, I actually graduated from Arizona State, but I’m a lifelong Arizona Wildcat fan. It’s complicated. How long have you been a FreightPro? About four months. In one word describe the freight industry. Hectic, with a “deep sigh.” How long have you lived in Austin? I’ve been here two years. I love it. The people here are the best. That kinda answers my next question, what’s your favorite thing about Austin? Yes, the people are my favorite part about living here. There are just genuine people and conversations here. It seems like a very supportive culture, which is nice. Least favorite thing about Austin? The summer. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it being so hot and sticky around here. I miss my dry heat. Coolest place you’ve ever visited? Vancouver. I visited when I was 15 and had the coolest nature experience I’ve ever had. We went whale watching in this tiny boat, and ended up surrounded by 40 killer whales. It was wild. The captain even gave a little warning, “Don’t stick your hands in the water.” There’s no messing with those killer whales. No, sir. So, let’s talk some pop culture. What kind of stuff are you in to? I really love stand-up comedy. Who’s your favorite comedian? Louis C.K. I haven’t seen him live, and it’s killing me. I love his television show “Louie,” and I just think everything that guy does is brilliant. Agreed. Are you a big sports guy? Yeah, I’m a huge basketball guy. I love my Arizona Wildcats, but man, I am a diehard Phoenix Suns fan.I grew up with the Suns, so there’s a connection there that I won’t ever lose. Let’s talk about islands. You’re stranded. What are three perishables you’re taking with you? An old fashioned bacon cheeseburger is the first thing. Then, I’d have to say a bottle of Willett bourbon. Lastly, anything and everything bagels. Bagels and bourbon. Sounds delicious. As American as apple pie! So why FreightPros? What do you like about working here? I feel really free working here. There’s not someone always harping on me, getting on my back all the time, and I appreciate that. They give you the tools to learn, and then they trust you to get the job done. It makes me feel confident, and so my work is better. If you are in charge of the music, what Pandora station are you going with? Lately, I’ve been way into “Portugal. The Man,” but some “Rage Against The Machine” is always welcome. Hardcore, guy. What’s your beer of choice for the keg? For local stuff, I love anything from Jester King Brewery. Favorite beer of all though is Kilt Lifter from Four Peaks Brewing Company. I’m pretty sure it’s only available in Arizona, but every time I go home it’s my first choice. Next time you’re in Arizona you’ve got to give it a shot. Will do. So what are some things that you like to do around town? My fiancee and I have a dog and we live right by the greenbelt, so it’s always great to get out and go hiking. Other than that, just doing interesting outdoor stuff. Visiting different parts of Texas is always a cool, fun thing to do. Final question. Do you have a hidden talent? Well, I sort of have a hidden talent. I have double jointed shoulders, so I can pop them out. I don’t do it too much anymore. Haha. I’m getting too old!

Logan Theissen

Logan is a Content Marketing Associate at FreightPros in charge of social media and content creation. He has a writing degree from the University of Oklahoma, but lives life on the edge and resides in Longhorn country. He loves Murakami books, Tarantino movies, and Vonnegut books. Lots of books. One day he will own a dog, but first he'll have to get a yard.

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