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Meet a Pro – The FreightPros Interview Series : Matt Harrington

Greetings from Matt
Greetings from Matt
In this week’s “Meet A PRO,” we’re going to talk to Matt Harrington about steak and potatoes (among other things). And don’t forget, Matt’s not the only employee here! Check out Emilio, Morgan, and Ashley in our previous installments of the series. Want more freight info? Check out our freight shipping guide to get started! Meet a PRO: Matt Harrington Position: Director of Truckload Awesomeness AKA Operations Hometown: Rockport, TX. I spent time in Cincinnati, but let’s go with Texas. University: THE Ohio State University How long have you been a FreightPro? Been part of the team since August of 2012. So coming up on two years. If we’re talking freight business though, I’ve been part of it since May 2007. Right in the middle of produce season shipping (which we’re about to get back into). In one word, describe the freight / shipping industry. Evolving. How long have you lived in Austin? This is actually my second go round. I was here from 1991 to 1995, and then I moved back in December of 2008. To say the least, I don’t plan on leaving again. Never leaving again? Most don’t. What’s your favorite thing about Austin? The food. No doubt. Any particular place? Trudy’s. It’s Mexican food. Give me a fried avocado and a Mexican martini and I’m set. Least favorite thing about Austin? Austin Traffic. What’s the coolest place you’ve ever been? Alaska. I’ve spent time in Juneau. It’s an amazing, fantastically beautiful place. Favorite Movie and Book? “Into the Wild,” for movie. I love the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder. For book, I’d say “Call of the Wild,” by Jack London. I have an affection for the wild. Haha. Favorite Sport? Favorite Team? College Football. Buckeyes. That’s all there is to say. On to the Desert Island Round. You ready? Ready as I’m ever going to be. Three foods you’d take with you? Ribeye steak, baked potato, and a Fireman’s 4. That’s the beer in our keg. It is. It’s one of my favorites. Not too shabby. What about music you’d take with you? The Band. What band? No. It’s… Bad joke. That one’s on me. Moving on. One thing you’d bring to your island. A fishing pole. Alright, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Lightning Round. Let’s do this! Apples vs Oranges? Apples. Beatles vs Stones? Beatles. Hunger Games vs Twilight vs 50 Shades of Grey? I’ll take option D – none of the above. Fox News vs NPR? NPR. Kanye vs Jay? I’ll take Jay-Z. Last question. What’s your hidden talent? I have an extraordinary ability to surround myself with good people. I think I’m a good reader of people’s character. How’s FreightPros doing on character? Mostly pretty good save for our content/marketing associate, of course. You’re still up in the air. Haha. I’ll take it.

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