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Meet a Pro – The FreightPros Interview Series : Emilio Dominguez

Meet Emilio
Meet Emilio
Meet a PRO: Emilio Dominguez Position: Billing Specialist Hometown: Harlingen, Texas University: St. Edwards, home of the Hilltoppers. How long have you been a FreightPro? 2 and 1/2 years. I started as an intern and spent 2 years doing that while I finished school. Then six months full-time. In one word, describe the freight industry. Hectic. How long have you lived in Austin? A little over two and a half years. I started working here shortly after I moved here. What’s your favorite thing about Austin? The people. They’re all young and active. It’s great. What’s your least favorite thing about Austin? Traffic. Duh. Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited? Hawaii. I know, I haven’t been anywhere, but Hawaii was awesome. Favorite book or movie? For movie I’d say, Traffic, ironically. Favorite book is The Shack. Favorite sport? Soccer. English Premier League to be exact. Team? Manchester United. The best. Actually, Chelsea FC is the best, but no matter because it’s time for THE DESERT ISLAND ROUND!!! (The “desert island round” is that classic question of, “If you were stranded on a desert island…” so that’s the format for these next questions). Name three foods. Sesame chicken. Pizza – meat lovers. Hula Hut queso and chips. Name a band or musician or song. Zac Brown Band. One piece of clothing. Ummm…athletic shorts? Sure. Athletic shorts are nice. For sure, alright then. Athletic shorts. Final answer. Here comes the lightning round. Apples or Oranges? Apples. Beatles or Stones? Beatles. Twilight or Hunger Games? Hunger Games. Fox News or NPR? NPR. Kanye vs. Jay-Z? Yeezus. Thank you that is the correct answer. Last question, what’s your hidden talent? I can juggle a soccer ball. My record is 1500 touches, about 30 minutes worth. Yeah, I could probably do that. No, you couldn’t. Touche. 

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