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Meet a PRO – The FreightPros Interview Series: Lucas Turner

Lucas Turner: Drummer, Husband, Cardinal fan
Today we welcome Lucas Turner to the “Meet a Pro” club. If you’ve missed our previous interviews you can find them all here, including talks with Emilio, Matt, and others! But enough about that, let’s get to it… Position: Sales Operations Manager Hometown: Washington, Missouri. A small town of about 20,000 people on the banks of the Missouri River, about 40 miles west of St. Louis. University: The University of Missouri in Columbia. I majored in “Percussion performance,” in the music school – Arts & Science. Why the combined arts and science I’ll never know. How long have you been a FreightPro? Two years and two months. In one word, describe the freight industry. Rollercoaster. How long have you lived in Austin? Almost three years. I came straight from Columbia. No job. No contacts. It was fun! What’s your favorite thing about Austin? I love that people actually know where Austin is. When they ask me where I live, they’ve heard of my answer! Coming from a small town that’s nice. In addition to that, the people here are pretty cool. Least favorite thing about Austin? Hipsters. They’re everywhere! What is the coolest place you’ve ever visited? On my honeymoon I went to Barcelona, Spain. I was there for about two weeks last February, and it was great. It seemed like everyone there lived a simpler life and I really liked the rest and relaxation that everyone embraced. Let’s talk a little pop culture. What’s your favorite book? Well, my favorite authors are Stephen King, Michael Crichton, and John Grisham. I just finished reading King’s “The Stand.” That was really good. I really like that book! It’s intense, but good. Favorite movie? I’m a huge Martin Scorsese fan. Amen. My favorite of his is “Casino,” but I also love “The Departed,” and the new one, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” What about a favorite sport? Favorite team?  Well, when it comes to St. Louis, I’m a Cardinals fan. The stadium and the fans are so great. When I was a kid my Dad had season tickets so I’d get to go to some games. I remember Dennis Eckersley, he was the man. Yes he was. Alright so it’s time for THE DESERT ISLAND ROUND! You’re stuck on a desert island, no communication with the outside world, but luckily you got a chance to pack. What are three foods or drinks you’re taking with you? I’ve got to have my bourbon – “Eagle Rare.” Then I think I’ll need ingredients to make myself unlimited club sandwiches. Lastly, I’ll need potatoes. Potatoes? With potatoes I can make fries, or chips. The opportunities are endless. Great point. What about a band you could take with you? I could celebrate the “Rush” catalogue for the rest of my days. And finally, what’s one thing that you couldn’t live without on your island? I’d have to take my wife. If she wasn’t available I’d have to go with my drum set. Haha. Correct answer, Sir! Okay, let’s get off the island talk. What do you love about working at FreightPros? I like that every day is different, and there is always a new challenge. I also really love learning about other people’s businesses. Stuff they ship, what the sell; these things fascinate me. As you know, we have an office music policy. What’s your Pandora station of choice for the office? 80s Arena Rock! So you’re the one. You know it! Fair enough. What about your choice of beer for the keg in the back? I’ve got to stay true to my St. Louis roots, so I’m going with something Budweiser. I’m not a huge beer guy (see bourbon comment earlier), but anything smooth would work with me. Final question, what’s your hidden talent? I’m great at memorizing numbers. Phone numbers, lists of numbers – For whatever reason I have a great memory when it comes to that sort of stuff. I guess the average person can usually memorize up to 10 digits or so, and once in college I got up to twenty or so when a professor asked us to do it for class. I was pretty proud. Haha. You should be. I can’t even remember my zip code. 

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