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Lyft Lands at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

lyft lands in austin
SXSW is coming…
If you haven’t caught up with our blog series on ride-sharing organizations, click here for How Does Uber REALLY Work? and Lyft vs Uber. And now, some developing news on the eve of SXSW… Lyft has been cleared to operate at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Uber has NOT. Shots fired! With around 376,000 SXSW participants last year, and this year’s event expected to be larger, this could be a huge bump for Lyft in their battle with Uber over TNC domination in Austin. Many of those participants will be arriving through the airport (Note to self: DO NOT GO TO THE AIRPORT DURING SXSW), and with Uber disallowed from operating on airport grounds, Lyft will be the primary option for many people. Lyft agreed to give 10% of their gross revenue to the airport – stipulations agreed upon for a one year time period, per this press release issued by the City of Austin. Uber drivers looking to pickup at the airport will be stifled by what is known as a “geo-fence lock.” I have no idea what this is, and I’m sure Uber drivers will get around it, but if they are caught operating on airport property, they are eligible for a fine of up to $500. Per an airport spokesperson, Uber can still choose to accept the deal, and will then be able to operate and make pickups at the airport. After months of dealing with some seriously bad PR, Uber will be looking to boost its positive image at a globally transparent event like SXSW, so don’t be surprised if Uber accepts this deal at a later date, or just bites the bullet and pays any fines accumulated by Uber drivers. And just in case you aren’t excited about this year’s SXSW, read about these dogs that will charge your phone. And check back for more SXSW news as things kick into gear.

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