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Limos, Parties, and FreightPros

Here at FreightPros, we are all about creating a corporate culture that reflects our values and beliefs. This past Saturday, our account management team took this culture to a new level by renting a limousine bus, fighting the Austin traffic, and hitting up a few local breweries. At FreightPros, we work hard — but we play hard too!  
FreightPros Chariot
FreightPros Chariot
  The first stop was Thirsty Planet Brewery. This is a cool, local brewery just west of Austin that has a few original beers that are staples among Austin’s craft brewery crowd. My personal favorite was the Buckethead IPA, but there were many fans of the Yellow Armadillo Wheat as well. There was also a special brew on tap at the time, called Blue Dillo — similar to the Yellow Armadillo but with a hint of blueberry. After quenching our “thirst” (I’m sorry, I had to) it was back to our bus and back to the dance party. When we weren’t dancing like fools, we had an awesome group back and forth about team members sharing unknown facts! I won’t share the dirt here but just know that we have some serious musicians amongst our FreightPros ranks.  
Jester King
Jester King
  …And then we came upon this place – Jester King brewery. Another awesome little brewery out in the Texas hill country, but this one had one rather large, rather important distinction that was vital in our journey. They had pizza. GOOD pizza. It was a lifesaver after 100 degree weather and some heavy IPA drinking earlier in the day.  
Sometimes taste is relative
  By late afternoon, some were in better shape than others. As it turns out hours of beer, sun, and food can wear even the strongest competitors down. As the bus pulled back to the FreightPros parking lot and we all went our separate ways into the Texas sunset, we knew this was only the first of many similar adventures. At Freightpros, we not only value our work and careers, but we value each other. We’re a proud team — sometimes crazy but always together.  
On the way home
    P.S. HUGE shout-out to Mikey for being our designated driver and to Richard for letting us ride in his party tank.

Logan Theissen

Logan is a Content Marketing Associate at FreightPros in charge of social media and content creation. He has a writing degree from the University of Oklahoma, but lives life on the edge and resides in Longhorn country. He loves Murakami books, Tarantino movies, and Vonnegut books. Lots of books. One day he will own a dog, but first he'll have to get a yard.

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