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July 4th in Austin | Happy Birthday America!

4th of july austin, happy birthday america
4th of July Austin
Happy birthday, America! Two-hundred-thirty-something years never looked so good! It’s been a pretty wild year both good and bad, but this weekend we’re going to blow off some steam by setting the night on fire, eating mystery meats, re-purposing the American flag for hats, shorts, shirts, socks, tops, bottoms, boxers, briefs, and boxer-briefs (among other things). We’re going to drive pick-up trucks and sit in the sun on floating boats. Tom Petty will surely be playing over the radio airwaves. July 4th is great any place in America, but it’s especially great in Austin, Texas. And it’s great because Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson loves America. I’ve never asked him, but it seems like he would. There’s a lot of ways to celebrate this country of ours, so I’m going to run through them. I know that not everyone is lucky enough to soak up these central Texas rays, so we’ll talk local and national, because America deserves to be celebrated, and cut-off jean shorts “jorts” deserve a comeback. Things to do July 4th in Austin
  • Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic – You know this one. It’s famous. It’s got lots of big names. And then it’s got the one name it needs; the man, the myth, the legend; the hippie on the marquee… Willie.
  • Fireworks at Auditorium Shores – It’s FREEEEEEEEEEE!!! It will also be crazy-crowded, so get there early. And take Uber because parking will be a disaster.
  • Corn Dog Eating Contest at Black Sheep – Setting records for gluttony since 1776… verrrrrry American.
  • Galleria Independence Day Festival – Free admission, free parking, and one billion little children running around with sprinklers. This one makes me think of old-school bloc parties, and baseball.
  • 4th of July Brew and BBQ – From the website description: Spontaneous prizes will be awarded for patriotic flair. That is all.
Things to do July 4th in America
  • Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – This thing is disgusting, and airs on ESPN Ocho right before dodgeball.
  • Patriotic Deserts – Better than hotdogs. Mouth-watering American freedom.
  • Fireworks – The bigger and brighter the better. Side note: When I was a kid I lit a Black Cat, wound up to give it a heave, and….BOOM! I’m typing with one hand. Kidding, of course. I still have both my hands. But seriously, beware the Black Cats. They are the worst.
  • Pool/ Lake/ Ocean – Large bodies of water are excellent for celebrating the 4th of July and America at large.
  • Spend Time with People You Love – Because it’s not home without them. And you’ve got to stop your father from burning the neighborhood down like last year. Have a safe 4th of July!
cc image courtesy Roy Niswanger via Flickr

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